How To Bathe While Camping

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There is a lot that can be said about how hygiene is an important thing we all need to be sure to practice. The problem with this is that you might not have the ability to do so while camping, depending on where you’re camping. That said, many wonder how to bathe while camping.

The idea of bathing while camping might seem easy. You could just take any liquid or bar soap with you along with a cloth, then find your nearest water source. The problem with that is, quite frankly, it is terrible to do to the water.

Adding most man-made soap to a water source that is not moving and still, can actually cause problems to that ecosystem. Due to this, you want to avoid such a situation by using any man-made soap in a running water source like a stream.

This will often break up the soap and move it out quickly where it’ll never truly bother one, specific place. Yet there are other things you can do to practice good hygiene. Since we know this can be a pretty important thing to discuss, we wanted to go over that. Let’s get started!

Just Jump In

clothes near stream

While just jumping into any water source can be problematic at times, that is not exactly bad to do on occasion. We’d recommend getting into running water, never standstill water. Of course, when we say “running water,” this could also mean water run-off from something like a waterfall.

Yet we mostly mean the running water you’ll see people traveling down. The reason you want to get into running water is that it is excellent at helping you get off dirt and oil. Yet it’s also unlikely to contain pathogens or bacteria that will be harmful.

The stuff can absorb into your skin, ya know.

That said, you want to consider the running water situation here. Yet at the same time, while it won’t clean you as well as soap will…it can still be good to use if you don’t have soap at all. Water alone has the power to clean a bit, just not the power to deep clean.

Biodegradable Soap

Biodegradable soap is often forgotten about due to the issue of people simply overlooking it at their local store. Yet this stuff can be really good, as it often works with your body chemistry AND it does not affect the planet. Rather, only goes back into it to aid its health.

If you’re going to take any sort of man-made soap, this would be the one. The fact that it is good for everyone and everything involved means there is very little to worry about. Plus, this type of soap can last for a while and it does not give an over the top smell.

Some animals can smell certain scents, which you do not want. Predators will hunt down those people, tracking them by scent on top of footprints. Therefore, this type of soap is wonderful because it gives you a clean sensation and scent. Yet it won’t be overbearing and goes away pretty quickly.

Ash Bath

ashes in hands

A lot of people don’t know that the Ash you get from a fire is actually something you can use for cleaning. It is perfect to use to get rid of bugs and help you keep them away. On top of that, since ash can be used to clean, it works similar to soap.

It is not the same as soap, but there are several ash soaps you can buy right now that only have a few extra ingredients. Most of them remove the ash smell in favor of something a bit more appealing. On top of that, they may add herbs or other stuff for extra cleanliness.

However, ash isolated can be used in place of soap should you run out while camping. Simply coat yourself in the stuff and then get in the water to wash it off. We’d recommend doing this, again, in a running water source and nothing standstill.

This is mostly because standstill water is likely coated with a lot of bad germs that can be absorbed into the skin. You’re better off keeping the ash on your body instead. Ash is also not exactly bad for the environment and therefore, is okay to get in the water. Especially when it’s moving.

How To Bath Without Being Near A Water Source

This can be a bit tricky for people, as one would assume that you would want to find a way to clean yourself a bit. Yet without a water source around, this can be hard to do. However, there are a few solutions to this.

The first is to take extra water with you along with a sponge/washcloth. Simply use the extra water to bathe with. Many would call this a trail shower, where you pretty much just use a little water and soap to clean off. Then use the extra water then to rinse off.

This can be a problem though. If you’re not going to be near a water source for a while if ever on your camping adventure, then that extra water will be needed. Using it to bathe would seem illogical at best. Therefore, use this method only if you know you’ll see a water source soon.

Likely the best thing you can do is take alcohol wipes with you. While this can be, shall we say, problematic on some skin….we’d only recommend it for a short period. Your body will need to remove excess dirt and oil somehow. Yet that does not mean you must wash your whole body.

These wipes are mostly needed in specific regions anyway. The areas most would agree to wash are your groin, underarms, face, and feet. As well as any particular cuts or scraps you might have. Especially those with bandaging you need to change out.

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