5 Homemade Weapons You Can Make In The Wild

handmade slingshot

When you are trying to survive in the wild, it might seem like nothing will go your way. It makes sense to assume, as surviving does not mean thriving. Yet all of that can turn around when you make things to help you succeed. One of the best things you make is homemade weapons. What …

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5 Ways To Use A Knife For Survival

kinife stuck in a tree

When you are in a survival situation, perhaps the greatest tool you could have at your disposal is a knife. The amount of use you will get out of it could make it worth quintuple its weight in gold plus a billion more. There are seemingly endless ways to use a knife for survival. Your …

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Most Essential Wilderness Survival Gear

man in the wilderness

Whenever you go into the wild, it’s always good to be prepared. You could get lost at any point, causing you to be in a survival situation. Of course, that means you need to have some essential wilderness survival gear to stay alive. However, survival does not necessarily mean you’ll be in a bad way …

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Can You Drink Your Own Urine To Survive?


In spite of what you might see on shows like Man Vs Wild, there is a highly debated topic in the world of survival: Can you drink your own urine to survive? We’ve seen the likes of Bear Grylls do it, but is it actually a good thing to do? First, we should mention that …

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5 Ways To Start A Fire Without Matches


When you’re in the wild, it’s clear that you need to do everything you can to stay alive even if you’re just on a routine camping trip. You might not assume you’ll be in a survival situation like this but it’s possible. It is likely that you assume you’ll just pull out a normal lighter …

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How Long Can You Survive On Insects?


You can survive only three weeks without food. While eating insects might not be the most ideal thing one can do, it is proven that in a survival situation that eating bugs can keep you alive. The real struggle is the amount you’d need to consume, plus the idea of not knowing if you have …

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Survival Camping: Camping With Only The Basics

survival camping shelter

A lot has been made of a term known as “survival camping.” What exactly is it and is it something you want to try? Survival camping is simply getting a taste of living with only the basics of life and using all available resources away from your home. The idea is that you use mostly …

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Can Knives Cut Through Bone?

knife and an antler

Knives can be very important for a lot of different purposes. They are great for food preparation and cutting as well as several different outdoor activities. They’re also great to use as a tool and can cut through a lot of stuff. Yet many will wonder, can knives cut through bone? The short answer to …

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How To Find Water In A Survival Situation

man drinking water from a leaf

If you ever find yourself in a survival situation, the best thing to do is not panic. There is a way to get past this and make it out alive. However, it all starts and ends with water. The question many might have then is, well, how can you find water in a survival situation? …

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