Are Sleeping Bags Safe For Toddlers?

child in a tent

Whether you are camping or just hanging around the house, sleeping bags can be quite useful for people to utilize. The real issue comes down to the age you need to be before using one. It’s often asked, therefore, if sleeping bags are safe for toddlers. The short answer to this question is No. They …

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Does A Campfire Keep Animals Away From A Campsite?


When you go camping, you’ve likely heard that a campfire is important. Heck, it’s often referred to by survivalists as the very thing that can keep you alive. There are many important things fire can be used for, but one of the most common is protecting you from animals. The question for many might be, …

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Can You Put A Tent In The Dryer?

open dryer door

While it might seem crazy, some people like to wash their tents here and there. For some, this makes some sense. That does not mean you’ll put it in your washing machine, naturally. Yet your tent will eventually get wet if you camp enough. So can you put it in the dryer to get all …

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What Is A Good Waterproof Rating For A Tent?

rain on a tent

When you go camping, one of the most important things to take with you is a tent most of the time. The real struggle is that the weather may not be perfect, so you need to have a tent that can withstand a reasonable amount of water to keep you dry in a storm. However, …

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How Long Does Kerosene Lasts

kerosene lantern

Whether we realize it or not, kerosene is used in multiple areas. Most of the time, we know of it due to its incredibly flammable properties. Yet did you know it is also technically a cleaning product AND acts as fuel for jet engines? It’s incredible how much one can use it for. But kerosene …

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Is It Illegal To Refill 1lb Propane Tanks?

tank and canister

Propane tanks have been incredibly useful in numerous areas. They are easy to use, pretty safe when used correctly, and you can easily find them all over the place. They are especially useful for BBQ grills. Small 1 lb propane cylinders have many applications when we camp. When we use all the propane in one …

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