How To Make Tent Camping Comfortable

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When you go camping, what is the one thing that tends to be the biggest problem? It’s the comfort, right? You’re not in your nice, warm bed but rather you’re essentially sleeping on the best surface you can find. Seating is not always great either. Thus, there have to be ways you can make tent camping comfortable, right?

In reality, there is a lot one can do. The first step, however, is realizing what your true comfort level happens to be. This will not be the same for everyone. Some people, especially teens or those in their early to mid-20s, could likely find a way to be comfortable just about anywhere.

For the rest of us, this might take a lot or just some specific stuff to help us find comfort while tent camping. The worst thing to deal with while camping is having your experience ruined due to lack of sleep, pain, and misery. It is supposed to be fun, not miserable, right?

This is why we felt we needed to help a bit by giving you some things you can do to be comfortable while camping. All you have to do is try them and see how they work for you. Now, let’s get started!

The Air Mattress

air mattress

How many times have you gone camping and slept on the ground or in a sleeping bag, only to wake up with some bad back pain? Perhaps your ribs even hurt. This can ruin your entire day and make sleeping a nightmare on its own before you ever actually fall asleep.

Using an air mattress can help. No, it won’t be as terrific as your nice bed at home that you are used to using. However, they are far more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. The best part is that you can take them pretty much anywhere as they can work on most any surface.

Of course, there is one issue to consider. Can you blow up the mattress on your own or will you need an air pump for it? If you need an air pump, it is likely that you have a much more comfortable or bigger mattress. This means you’ll want to make sure the pump is charged before you go about using the mattress on a camping trip.

It would be pretty awkward to go out there, lugging that thing around, only to not be able to use it once you’re to your destination. If this is not your thing, hammocks can work well too!

A Proper Camping Chair

camping chair

A lot of people ignore how important it is to have a good camping chair when you’re outdoors. It makes sense, as it does not immediately pop into your mind. However, most camping chairs are kinda “blah” and can hurt your back a good bit. That mostly comes from them sinking in.

Whether the sink in happens with the seating and/or happens with it going into the ground more, it is clearly an issue. Of course, Tent Camping Life has covered a lot of great camping chairs for people with a bad back. We’d certainly recommend you check out, as it will guide you to some of the best chairs that will be perfect for aiding your comfort level.

A favorite for us is the Zero Gravity chair type. As they do not sink in and keep a good bad, allowing your low back to have some proper structure. Yet they also lean back enough to put your feet up after a long hike, thereby also allowing you to help your back.

They are so comfortable, you can sleep in them and they lean back enough to do just that. It can often be forgotten just how important sitting can be. You do not want to sit on just a log all day or night. You also do not want to be laying down all day either.

You need something with structure and proper back support and the best camping chairs will provide that for you.

You Cannot Have Enough Pillows & Blankets

pillows and blankets in tent

It does not matter what gender you are or even what age. Everyone can get cold and everyone can use proper comfort. This is why we feel it is good to have a good supply of pillows, but more importantly the right type of pillows. Essentially, you’ll want to use the type that can support your neck.

When you go to bed at night, if you are on your back and your chin touches your chest….you have a terrible pillow. On the flip side, if you can see your backboard when laying on your back….that can be just as bad. This can do quite a number on your neck and cause eventual issues with it.

If you sleep on your side or turn during the night, the sides of your neck will also be affected by the way your pillow is formed. The best thing to do is get a memory foam pillow as they retain the same shape all the time, without movement. Some sink in and for most people, that can be fine. If you’re over 40, however, you’ll want the ones that do not move.

Of course, in terms of blankets….it is easy to get cold outdoors. People forget that while it could be pretty hot during the day, it can be really cold at night. Funny enough, more people die in the desert from hypothermia than heatstroke due to this. Therefore, taking blankets with you even when it’s very hot outside can be crucial.

Plan For Insects

mosquito net and mosquito

You’re going to be outside and no matter what time of year it is, there will be insects and spiders likely present. During the Spring and Summer, and even the Fall in some cases, you’ll deal with pesky gnats and possible disease-carrying mosquitos.

If you’re going to a place that has a large number of mosquitos, it is good to take netting to keep them away. Trust us, you won’t know how important this is until you experience some of the diseases African people deal with every single year.

Those won’t help remove gnats or flies, of course. Yet you can get rid of those, mostly, by creating a proper fire. Smoke tends to get rid of those pesky things. However, we’d recommend that you take a lot of insect spray to help you avoid them more.

Also, try not to wear any scented lotion or use perform/cologne. While deodorant is recommended, just make sure the scent is not very strong but will do its job. Doing all of this will help keep those critters away.

If you do come across Spiders or other larger insects, the best thing you can do is either remove them from your campsite or just let them be if they aren’t hurting anything. Most Spiders won’t kill you, but if you’re in places like South America & Australia where there are some deadly spiders….you’ll need to remove them from the campsite.

The best way to do this is by using gloves. Of course, we mean the type that are thick enough to avoid spider bites.

First Aid Kit

first aid kit

You never want to go on a camping trip without one of these. It might not be considered an item that will bring comfort to you. However, when you feel safer outdoors….that is a psychological boost that can only serve to aid your comfort level.

Not only that, but if you were to get bitten by something, cut open, or even fall and get hurt….most camping trips will end. However, you may have to wait for rescue if you’re deep into the woods or very far from your vehicle. A hurt person likely cannot walk all the way back.

It can then get pretty miserable for the hurt person, not just because they are injured but also because they are only hurting more having to wait for help. A First Aid Kit has everything you need in it to clean and cover wounds. Many even have the tools you can use to help set or keep injured limbs from moving.

Overall, this will only help you out long-term. Psychologically, there is a boost even though you’re not hurt initially. However, if you do get hurt, help is there for you. At least, enough for you to use until further assistance arrives.

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