Tent Camping With A CPAP Machine

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A lot of people in this world have a need for a CPAP Machine. Most tend to use it while they sleep, as they have difficulty breathing or getting enough oxygen. This can cause severe issues or simply incredibly loud snoring. Therefore, if you need it, then you must take it with you anywhere you plan to travel.

While taking it to a hotel is easy, taking it with you while tent camping outdoors is another thing entirely. How can you go tent camping with a CPAP machine without running into problems? We decided to tell you everything you need to know about how you can do this.

Our main goal will be to give you some of the stuff that might seem obvious but are not exactly as easy as you might think. On top of the fact that we want to inform you of the things you do not know. All in an effort to make sure you know about important CPAP material in the future.

Without further delay, let’s get started!

What Is A CPAP Machine?

CPAP machine

For those not completely aware of what a CPAP Machine actually is, it stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. This machine is a form of therapy that can also be used while one sleeps. It is mostly for those with Sleep Apnea, but can also be used by those with breathing issues as a way to help them throughout a given day as needed.

The idea is that this continued pressure will keep your airway open, preventing a collapse that causes problems while breathing. This, in turn, can help people sleep better and even longer on top of not suffering from any major problems. Such as being unable to breathe or massive snoring.

They are mostly used in the home but one can also take a CPAP on the road with them, wherever they might go. When we say “wherever,” by the way, we truly mean that. This is especially true when it comes to taking one with you while camping.

Camping At A Camp Site

When you camp at most camping grounds, there will be a lot of amenities that you do not normally get to utilize when camping elsewhere. This could be something as simple as a restroom or bathroom. Yet many also have outlets spread around the grounds.

For those with CPAP Machines, you can often request to get an area of the grounds where the outlet is in place. Some are first-come, first-serve. However, many make exceptions for specific health concerns.

Clearly, it will be tough to think every single one will go along with a request even then. This is why we recommend calling ahead, rather than just showing up and expecting something.

CPAPs With Batteries

CPAP Battery Packs are perfect to take on weekend camping trips. As long as they are fully charged, your unit will work very well for you. This will allow you to go off-grid and still manage to have fun without needing to plug in your CPAP at night.

That is a lot of good that we’re kind of bummed to tell you the bad. Remember that these are just batteries and will need to be charged. Battery Packs will eventually die without said charge, so you have a limited amount of time you could use them.

Most battery packs last for around 2 days maximum, which truly all depends on how much you’re sleeping while out camping. Some people struggle to do so, while others can rest pretty much anywhere they can sit still for a few hours.

You can use one of two types of batteries. Clearly, the CPAP Battery Pack is the most preferred of any other option. However, if you are unable to find one for some reason…you can actually use a car battery for most of these machines too.

Of course, the amount of time it works will differ. However, it is uncertain how long it’ll work as all car batteries are different, with many volts or amps to consider.

Take Solar Chargers With You

Sure, keeping your battery pack charged can be a real hassle outdoors. Clearly, it’ll be charged as you head out in nature but how will it be useful to you when the battery pack expires? Honestly, this is a good point.

They won’t be useful if they don’t work for their specified need. However, we have solar-powered chargers these days. Meaning you can use the power of the sun to charge your devices just about any time, anywhere.

Most solar-powered chargers are relatively cheap to buy, so there is honestly no excuse why an outdoor enthusiast does not already have one. Therefore, if you’re going to go camping with a CPAP Machine, it only makes sense to take a solar-powered charger with you.

It can charge your machine during the day. Once you need it at night, it’s ready to go. This can be an endless cycle too!

Travel-Side CPAP

For some reason, people still think you have to bring the bulkier home CPAP unit with you on camping trips. In reality, this cannot be further from the truth. You can use a travel-size version that is specifically only used when traveling, not home use.

They are not only lighter and can fit in smaller places, but most of them are nowhere near as loud as the bigger home unit. They also tend to include various newer features that the older home units won’t have. Since most people still use older units, this will be pretty cool to use.

On top of that, due to being smaller and using less power to operate, the battery packs will last a good bit longer for travel-size CPAP Machines too. While the difference is not massive, roughly about an extra day or two in extra power, it can still be a big difference

Overall, we feel that most outdoor enthusiasts who were likely once out there a lot before they needed a CPAP Machine will benefit. They can still have all the tech they need to avoid problems while they sleep, while also enjoying Earth’s wonderful nature.

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