How To Keep Your Phone Charged While Camping

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Whether you’re in the middle of nowhere or simply camping off of a random camping ground, a lot can go wrong. It could happen randomly or even be a possible danger entering into a situation. This is why having a cellphone on you when camping is a must. Therefore, knowing how to keep your cellphone charged while camping can be a huge thing to know.

We decided to help you out with this, as we too have been in a position when we needed our phone only to have it die on us when camping. This can be a huge problem for people worldwide, regardless of the situation you might find yourself in.

Not only when camping, but you could also be in the middle of a city when your cellphone goes out on you. Only to be randomly in a situation when you desperately could have used a properly charged phone. It does not truly matter what the situation is here, because the end goal is the same.

How can you keep your cellphone charged? There are many ways to do this, even when camping in the outdoors away from an outlet. There are products as well as tips and tricks we feel you can employ to keep your battery in a great position. Let’s get started!

Tips & Tricks

using cellphone by campfire

It does not matter whether you have an Android or iPhone, nor what service you use for your phone honestly. It is often claimed that Apple’s iPhone has the best battery among the two, but this is not exactly correct nor incorrect.

Apple basically just makes their products better. There’s a lot of good that comes from this, including the ability for your device to last longer and avoid potential viruses. However, it also does not have some of the problems with it that Androids have when it comes to battery life.

For example, Android phones can see a decrease in battery life for simply being on. It does not matter if you’re using it. The type of phone, the battery it uses, and the age of your phone will determine just how much the battery messes up like this.

However, let’s pretend it’s a new Android phone. Still even having it on will cause the battery to decrease in power. The reason for this is kind of odd, but we’ll explain it as best we can.

Battery Power Is Linked To What Happens When You Aren’t Looking

A lot of people tend to use their cellphones for more than just calling or texting. We know, you’re shocked! Pull your jaw up off the floor though. People use applications or even the internet while also utilizing it for calls or texts.

Apps will remain open even if you are not using your phone. Unless you turn it off, completely, those apps are running. This happens for both the Android and the iPhone, but Apple’s iPhone does not use up much power even when the app is still open.

This could come down to the fact that Apple uses one application at a time while Android will keep multiple apps open until you officially close out of them. Although the iPhone can utilize more than one app at a time, only one is really prime each time.

This happens with the internet too, especially when using Chrome. Even if you’re not using the internet, your phone assumes you are. Unless you turn off your WiFi or hit a dead zone, you’re going to still be using the internet and causing the battery to run down. Even if you’re not actively on it.

Now, the amount of power this uses is not massive at all. However, iPhones use up less mostly because it’s one technical application open and not several.

The Battery Itself

cellphone charging

The type of batteries each use is also of importance. Apple uses its own version of a battery that they’ve equipped to squeeze every ounce of mAH out of its battery. Androids typically do not use a specified battery made by the company that utilizes it. Nor do they use a battery that the company will doctor and adjust to work specifically for their phone only.

Usually, Androids & iPhones utilize Lithium-Ion battery technology. There’s no difference here in the version of the battery. However,  Android phones simply do not use every bit of the battery as iPhones do. This is why the batteries for Androids are typically larger.

These battery types actually last longer, so the quality is there. The cool part is that when they do end up dying or not working properly, you can just pop them out for a new one. Since most Androids have a pop-open back end.

Sadly, most iPhones do not have this feature. However, this is not a flaw in the design but rather completely intentional. As it influences people to randomly buy a new iPhone per year or upgrade with their wireless company to get another iPhone.

However, there are ways you can open the iPhones in the back to replace your battery without breaking the phone. Yet keep in mind that this could ruin any possible warranty you have on your phone….if it came along with the purchase or you added it to the order.

What To Do While Camping In The Outdoors

We wrote all the stuff we did above because we needed you to understand that batteries are not completely easy to understand. It’s not about just not using your phone much outdoors as we all know you’ll want to do so.

The problem is how much you use your cellphone and what you do on it. Keep in mind, you can easily go on your phone and exit out of ANY application you have running on both iPhones and Androids. It’s very easy to do too.

When camping, do your best to exit out of any application you have running when not in use. Also, it’s completely fine to simply shut down your phone until you plan to use it. Be sure to avoid using it as much as you can to then keep your phone as charged as possible outside.

All of this is simple for you to do and does not cost you any money to employ. However, there are things you can spend money on to help you keep your device charged. This comes down to the world of solar technology!

Solar-Powered & Battery Chargers

solar charger


Outdoor enthusiasts will often swear by a solar-powered charger as well as a battery-powered charger. They are the perfect portable power to use while on a camping trip.

A solar-powered charger is essentially a mini solar panel with USB ports. It relies on sunlight to keep your devices charged. A battery charger is basically a power bank that needs to be charged beforehand. You should, however, be aware of a few problems they might have.

First off, it’s obvious that electrical power is going to be stronger. It’s an alternating current that consistently flows from the outlet into a charger, eventually leading to your phone. Due to the power it has, you can literally be using your phone as it’s charging without any problems.

Meanwhile, even the most powerful solar-powered or battery-powered chargers will charge best when you’re not using the phone. They’ll also run slower than electrical power, but this is for obvious reasons. In spite of that, they will get the job done well.

While battery-powered chargers can be powerful on their own, they actually have to be charged to be capable of working for you later. This is why they might be awesome but they are not as good as solar-powered batteries. They utilize the sun’s energy to charge up for the user.

Therefore, they require no other power source to charge up. However, many come equipped to charge via electrical power too. This way, you have options.


Your Phone Charger

Anker wireless phone charger

We also recommend looking into the Qi Wireless Charger. They happen to be the best overall chargers that utilize their power sources the best. This, in turn, helps them use the power so efficiently that they will charge faster than regular chargers.

This can mean less energy use while, at the same time, getting the charge you need. However, all cellphones are not cleared for Qi Wireless Charger use.

Androids and iPhones can use Qi Charging but so far, only the Galaxy S7 Active and up for Samsung work for it. Meanwhile, about 4 to 5 LG phones, a few Sonys, and one Nokia can use them.

Meanwhile, most iPhones from the iPhone 7 and up to present are all capable of using any Qi Charger.

There are a lot of these chargers to choose from, however, we recommend this version from Anker. The people at Anker know audio well but they are also masters when it comes to batteries and keeping things charged too.

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