How To Survive Tent Camping In A Thunderstorm

tent in a thunderstorm

Knowing how to survive difficult conditions can be pretty crucial. While some conditions are not that big of a deal, others can be. Yet even some lighter stuff can become pretty problematic almost instantly. Thunderstorms can be among them, so knowing how to survive tent camping in a thunderstorm is crucial to learn. Storms can …

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Is It Safe To Drink Rainwater?

drinking rainwater

Sometimes, you’ll do anything to have something to drink. It does not matter if it’s a beer, Pepsi, or tap water. Your body needs something. Yet in times of need, water is essential for our bodies. However, can we get this from nature? Is it safe to drink rainwater, for instance? While it is not …

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Will Eating Snow Dehydrate You?

canteen and hand in the snow

Sometimes when you’re in the middle of nowhere, stranded in the winter snow, all you have is snow to eat or drink. It is not as if you want to do this, but rather, that you have no true choice in the matter. However, we should warn you that the yellow snow is not the …

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DIY Camping Survival Kit

diy camping survival kit

When you head into the wild or find yourself in a survival situation, you need to use everything at your disposal. However, if you had a lot of great supplies going in that could be used, you’ll have a fully equipped DIY Camping Survival Kit ready to go. What truly is a DIY Camping Survival …

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Survival Fishing Skills You Need To Know

fish on skewers

Most people have gone fishing at one point in time or another. Even if you did not enjoy it, the experience you have doing it can be interesting. It also teaches you how to survive on your own somewhat. Yet regular fishing is not like survival fishing, where you must catch fish or starve. See, …

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7 Survival Hacks With Everyday Items

glasses in sun

When it comes to survival, you learn one thing very early. Literally, anything can be used in this world for something to help you. It does not matter whatsoever what that item is, we could likely find a use for it. Therefore, there are many survival hacks with random everyday items. What counts as a …

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5 Great Natural Fire Tinder Sources

fire tinder

When you’re out in the wild, you’ll likely come across various conditions. You never know if it’s going to rain, snow, hail, or even worse. That said, even when you have lighters or matches on you…it might be tough to start a fire. This is why it’s good to know of natural fire tinder sources. …

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5 Survival Skills Camping You Need To Know

man building a campfire

When it comes to outdoor survival, everyone has their own particular things they may be best at. Everyone has some skill set that can be of value when in a survival situation. Yet when it comes to outdoor survival skills camping wise, people tend to believe they will be fine. This is why some campers …

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