DIY Camping Survival Kit

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When you head into the wild or find yourself in a survival situation, you need to use everything at your disposal. However, if you had a lot of great supplies going in that could be used, you’ll have a fully equipped DIY Camping Survival Kit ready to go.

What truly is a DIY Camping Survival Kit, you ask?

Everything in your kit will have numerous uses. When we say this, we mean that everything in the kit will be possible to use along with other things in the kit or materials you’ll find while camping and/or surviving.

Essentially, this DIY kit is present to give you countless options. That means you could literally make anything you might need with this kit. Of course, there will be other items that are simply needed to just stay alive too. Therefore, those will need to be in your kit as well.

Some of these products might seem crazy for someone to have. However, remember….alone these materials may not have a lot of use. In fact, they might just have one or two uses max. Yet in your kit, they will be like having literal gold.

We will be sure to explain why each item is present as we go along too. Before we get started, we will be going with our kit under the impression that we will already have a knife. Meaning, it will not be in our kit. With that said, let’s get started on your DIY Camping Survival Kit!

Duct Tape

duct tape

It does not take a rocket scientist here. Duct Tape can be insanely useful. Not only could you make a shelter using it but you could also make clothing and much more. Duct Tape is also waterproof, making it perfect for you to have.

We’d recommend taking two relatively good size rolls with you, as you will clearly need this tape for far more than you might think. As a result, your best bet is to have enough so that you can use it for those needs.

This can be useful for First Aid, Building, Hunting, and so much more. We must have it in our DIY Camping Survival Kit.

Aluminum Staples


We’d also recommend having a stapler or staple gun in your DIY Camping Survival Kit, but simply having aluminum staples can be good too. You might wonder why, and we cannot blame you for that.

First, you can always use it by hammering the sides into stuff but merely pressing them through will work just the same. You will be able to keep things together using this as the staples when used in multiple amounts will do just that,

Also, the reason you want to bring a good bit of aluminum staples is that aluminum happens to have a melting point of 1,220 degrees. While your average campfire will reach 600 degrees, you can make it hotter by growing it using strictly wood.

At this point, you now will be able to melt aluminum with these staples melting relatively quickly due to their size. You can then form the aluminum into different things you might need. Such as darts, fishing lures, or even projectiles.

Rubber Bands

rubber bands

The reason to have rubber bands is simple. You might want to keep stuff together or carry it around. Sure, a backpack could help you carry stuff but what if there is no room. Perhaps you want to carry some sticks with you from a place you’re departing.

You might not end up reaching a wooden area, so these sticks will be invaluable. Therefore, having rubber bands to keep the sticks together then attach to yourself makes travel a heck of a lot easier.

Yet rubber bands can also be used in other ways. You can make seating and even bedding out this stuff. Of course, you will need a good bit. Your best bet is getting the thickest versions. Look for the “heavy-duty” rubber bands. These will also be longer and capable of handling heavier projects.

These will also be great to have if you need to make a slingshot or trap, as they will not break easily after repeated use.



Flint can be useful for a lot of different things. When properly molded, this can be useful as projectiles for things like arrows. In fact, Native Americans used flint rocks for arrowheads. They were hard, allowing them to bash through while being sharp at top.

Combined, the speed and hardness made them powerful projectiles that could do some damage. Yet with the sharp top-end section, these arrows could rip through animals and other humans alike. Sure, it sometimes took a long time to make but they were worth it.

Plus, it could be used repeatedly as long as you could get the arrow out.

However, flint has other uses too. You can use it with your knife to make sparks to start fires, which gives you incredible long-term use.

While it might be heavier than you like, having at least 5 to 10 flint rocks to make stuff or use for fire-making can be incredibly valuable.

Male & Female Sex Products


Condoms have a lot of use due to how they are made. They are essentially rubber tubes that could be perfect for carrying water. It might be a bit sick to think about but in survival, you need to consider the idea. Condoms even after they were used for…”fun time”……can be used again.

Instead of throwing it away, use the condoms for carrying water or for tying stuff together. Of course, we cannot recommend enough for you to wash them out if you used them previously.

On top of this, most condoms are made of latex. If you were not aware, you can actually melt latex and remold it many times. So you could make a latex spear if you truly want to do so.

For women, it might be less common to carry around a diaphragm but like condoms, there are multiple uses. Remember, unlike with condoms, women can use a diaphragm multiple times as they do not need to be thrown out after each use. Just washed out.

They are basically cupped, so your use for them will be limited. However, they are made of rubber or silicone. As a result, you can utilize both for things like slingshots, tying, and much much more.



You might often see us mention cordage on the website for several things revolving around survival. Cordage can be important, as you’ll likely have to tie stuff together frequently. A shelter alone could use a ton of it if you want it to properly stay together.

The best stuff to use here is paracord. Your shoestrings utilize the stuff but you can find paracord all over the place. It comes in various bulk forms, of course. However, many survivalists or people who want to feel prepared will use survival paracord bracelets.

These bracelets are light as a feather, making them easy to take with you on your wrist. It can be insanely useful and it’s light? To us, that seems like a good thing to have. Plus, it’s clear you will end up using a lot of it. Having a bracelet made of the stuff is just smart.



Mirrors have a lot of use in the world of survival, especially in a DIY Camping Survival Kit. Most people will utilize it to look at themselves but they can be useful for defense as you can flash a light on one to scare off potential predators.

Of course, they are great for signaling. Simply use the basic Light Morse Code to signal to people that you need help. On top of this, mirrors can deflect sunlight, which when aimed properly could help start fires.

Therefore, having a mirror around could be incredibly valuable to you.

Water Filtration

clean water

When we mention water filtration, we mean you want to have something that can help you repeatedly filter any water you might collect. While boiling water can help you get rid of many potential issues such as pathogens and bad bacteria.

However, it does not completely get rid of everything problematic. This is why having something to filter the water THEN boil it can be useful. While a Lifestraw can be helpful to those who want to drink from a flowing stream, it’s not going to perfectly rid water of everything.

First, never collect standing water. It’ll just be bad, full stop. You want to collect running water, once you do, filtering it can be done in many ways. However, we’d want you to get it done without as much effort. Especially if you need water but cannot get a fire started.

This is why we always recommend having a big pack of Aquatabs . They will clean water for you, making it safe to drink. The World Health Organization (WHO) backs them as well as several other medical communities. That’s enough for us to trust the product. Just be sure to read the directions properly.

Pocket or Hand Chainsaw

Pocket Chainsaw with Paracord Handle

A lot of people forget that your knife can only do so much, so it might be good to have something that can help you do the job a knife might not be best for. This is why a chainsaw is so good to have in the wild.

However, regular chainsaws can be huge and bulky. You do not want to have to carry those around, right? Of course not. Yet a pocket or hand chainsaw is perfect. These are just like regular chainsaws with the saw part being the exact same.

You will just use the handles on the two sides to help you do your sawing. Now, you have an invaluable tool that will keep you from killing your knife. All while you can make better and more efficient items.

Solar-Powered Flashlight

solar flashlight


Flashlights will be needed by anyone in the wild, especially when it gets dark and animals come out to hunt their prey. If you do not want to be dinner, you need to have some type of light. Of course, fires will work well for this.

Yet you might not have one going. This is why we recommend using solar-powered products, such as a solar-powered flashlight. They need solar energy to charge but not to be in use, of course. Now, there are many types you can shoot for.

A lot of them are crank-based but there are some tactical flashlights that are solar-powered such as the BJ-T01. It is a tactical flashlight that uses normal batteries too. It also acts as a weapon, making it even more valuable to you.

Therefore, we’d add the BJ-T01 Flashlight to your DIY Camping Survival Kit.

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