5 Best Multi-Tools For Camping And Backpacking

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Everyone needs to have a solid multi-tool around the home. However, when you’re in the outdoors camping or backpacking, they can come in handy far more. You’d be surprised how useful they can be when you need a tool the most. The question many might wonder is, what are the best multi-tools for camping and backpacking one can purchase?

When it comes to a multi-tool of any kind, you’re looking for a few key things. The most important among them is a knife as well as useful tools that can help you with any task that might come up. Tools you tend to see with most multi-tools include pliers, bottle openers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, and much more.

There are several different types of multi-tools too. Therefore, you’re not always needing to search for something that looks exactly like the norm. Instead, if you can get everything you specifically need, then you’re all set.

We decided to discuss a few of the best multi-tools for camping and backpacking. We’re sure you’ll like each one. Let’s get started!

SOG Power-Assist

SOG Power Assist
  • Price: $75
  • Tool Amount: 16 Total
  • Important Tools Included: Pliers, Knives, Blasting Cap Crimper, V-Cutter

The SOG Power-Assist Multi-Tool is one of the best camping multi-tools we’ve seen to date. It has pretty much everything you need in spite of being just a multi-tool. It has both a straight-edge & a fully serrated 420 steel blades. 

This comes along with a large, medium, and of course, a small screwdriver. There’s even a Phillips Screwdriver thrown in. On top of this, you’ll see a terrific gripper that can hold onto a lot of different things with ease. We also like the wire cutter & v-cutter, which can handle a lot of issues outdoors. Especially regarding cutting up tree limbs.

The wire & blasting cap crimper will help with those difficult bottles yet also could help you with forming small weapons. They can even be useful for moving steel around too. They come with pliers too, just for adding assistance.

Finally, you’ll have a ruler to utilize as well as a can opener and a 3-sided file for any needs you might have.

Gerber Prybrid X

Gerber Prybrid X
  • Price: $20
  • Tool Amount: 8 Total
  • Important Tools Included: Pry Bar, Wire Stripper, Flathead Drivers

The Gerber Prybrid X might look a lot like a small boxcutter. You would not be wrong to confuse the two honestly. However, it is not only made for the outdoors...it can likely come in handy for pretty much anyone. As you can see by its appearance, you can tell it’s quite light in weight.

In spite of this, the Prybrid X includes 7 tools but 8 can be considered here. It has the standard stuff like a standard blade as well as a nail puller, wire stripper, and both a small & medium flathead driver. Yet it also contains a bottle opener and prybar.

The 8th technical tool is what is wrapped on the outside of the multi-tool, 550-rate paracord. This stuff can come in handy in multiple ways for those in a lot of outdoor conditions. Cordage is always needed in survival situations for sure. Let’s say your camping trip goes crazy and now you are in a survival situation...guess what could help save your life!

What we feel is the best part of this multi-tool is certainly the prybar. This can be helpful for a ton of things outdoors. Whether that is helping break into or through debris or potentially opening up wood and/or popping off bark from trees.

With this being only $20, it is surely a steal price-wise.

Mossy Oak Multi-Tool

Mossy Oak multi-tool
  • Price: $22
  • Tool Amount: 21
  • Important Tools Included: Scale, Metal/Wood File, Magnetic Hexagon Sleeve

The Mossy Oak company has been growing in popularity heavily the last few years. We believe it is due to their reasonable prices, especially when it comes to things like this multi-tool. They priced it at a complete steal, under $25.

We feel that they truly went above and beyond with it too. 21 Tools are within this Mossy Oak Multi-Tool. You’ll see both a Straight & Serrated Knife, Needle-Nose Pliers, Regular Pliers, Wire Cutters, Screwdriver, Bottle Opener/Slotted Screwdriver, Scale, Metal/Wood File, Wood Saw, Leather Punch, Magnetic Hexagon Sleeve, and even an 8-in-1 bit set.

A Ruler & File can be utilized but they come together, and can be seen on the front and back of the multi-tool. Of course, a lot of the tools can be used for multiple uses beyond their original design. They are also made to be used in the best possible way available to them.

The magnetic bit holder can be turned up to 90-Degrees from the tool body, allowing you to have more leverage. On top of this, with only the exception of the pliers, all of the tools can be taken out of the multi-tool for outer use if you need to do so.

The Multi-Tool uses a self-locking design to put the tools back in and keep them there. This also applies to the handles, which can allow you to open and close the overall multi-tool much easier.

Of course, this all comes in a smooth yet advanced 3D Hollow structure. That allows people to use the tool without much or any struggle, making it easier and more comfortable to use. It is made using incredibly durable stainless steel and will be certain to last a long time.

If that was not enough, it even comes in a nice yet durable nylon pouch for storage.

Victorinox Explorer - Swiss Spirit Edition

Victorinox Explorer - Swiss Spirit Edition
  • Price: $80
  • Tool Amount: 19 Total
  • Important Tools Included: Knives, Screwdrivers, Corkscrew, Hook, Magnifying Glass

Victorinox is a master when it comes to making multiple products. However, we might be cheating a bit here using the Victorinox Explorer. It is not technically a multi-tool but rather, a Swiss Army Knife.

There’s very little difference between multi-tools and Swiss Army Knives. The biggest difference is in appearance. However, as you can see by the options from CRKT & Gerber, there is no set way for a multi-tool to appear. Swiss Army Knives were technically the original multi-tools anyway.

The brand that makes those the best is clearly the Swiss company, Victorinox. The Explorer includes a lot of things, but the Swiss Spirit Edition of the Explorer includes a slight bit more than the regular Victorinox Explorer.

It has 19 tools to an average of 16. They included the normal large and small blade, as well as a 3mm & 6mm screwdriver, even a mini-screwdriver & Phillips Screwdriver ½. On top of this, you get both a can & bottle opener. Yet Victorinox is just showing off with the rest.

They added scissors, a corkscrew, wire stripper, tweezers, a multipurpose hook, toothpick, and even a pressurized ballpoint pen. Not to mention a stainless steel pin, magnifying glass, key ring, and finally a reamer, punch, & sewing awl!

Truly, they are the best at making the Swiss Army Knife and there is no brand that can compete with them here. As far as multi-tools go though, there are a ton of great brands in the field.

Leatherman Wave Plus

Leatherman Wave Plus
  • Price: $125
  • Tool Amount: 18 (Wave) 5 (Freestyle)
  • Important Tools Included: 2 Pliers, 2 Wire Cutters, 2 Knives, 2 Bit Drivers

When it comes to the best camping multi-tools or simply just multi-tools overall, one of the greatest brands to look to is Leatherman. They have a ton of great outdoor products but they seem to have mastered the art of creating a solid multi-tool.

The Leatherman Wave is a great multi-tool we cannot recommend enough. However, they created “The Freestyle” that expanded upon the Wave, you can now use a second multi-tool along with the Wave. The Wave is obviously larger and ideally has the original 18 tools.

Among them are Regular Pliers, Needlenose Pliers, Premium Replaceable Wire & Hard-Wire Cutters, Wire Stripper, Electrical Crimper, Saw, Ruler, Can & Bottle Openers, Large & Small Bit Drivers, Wood/Metal File, Diamond-Coated File, & Medium Screwdrivers.

This also includes Spring-Action Scissors and 420HC Straight-Blade & Serrated-Blade Knives!

The Freestyle is smaller and includes needlenose & regular pliers, wire & hard-wire cutters, as well as a 420HC Combo Knife. The Freestyle is impressive to many because everything can be accessed with just one hand. Therefore making it easier for you to use in times of major need.

The blades and tools all lock up properly too, so you’ll never have to worry about anything popping loose. If that was not enough, Leatherman has ensured the Wave+ will work well for you and offer a 25-Year Limited Warranty for it!

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