5 Best EDC Knives Under $50

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One of the most important things one can do is carry around a good knife. Why? You never know when you might need it. Yet for some of us, knives can be quite expensive. However, a good knife doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, we could tell you about quite a few of the best EDC knives under 50 bucks.

Of course, “EDC” stands for “Everyday Carry.” Essentially, your standard pocket knife is going to count as an EDC Knife. This is especially true of those that fold up. Do keep in mind that there is a lot to remember about these knives.

When you buy any of the best EDC knives under 50 bucks, you’re getting what you pay for. That means you won’t always get top-notch steel or those that will last a long time. Some are also not great in certain elements you might face outdoors.

However, that does not mean that you won’t find a good knife with great quality in a cheaper EDC knife. In fact, our list is all about the best of these so we won’t show you any knife that is rated negatively.

Legal Information For Knives

We would not be doing our job if we did not make you aware of some important legal information. First and foremost, every knife we show you will be cleared for use in all 50 states within the borders of the United States itself.

This may not cover annexes America owns such as American Samoa, Guam, and Peurto Rico.

The laws in these places may differ a bit, so if you’re from one of these places then you need to look at your own laws before purchasing any knife.

Second, you should not carry a knife in zones that have been labeled weapon-free such as an Airplane, Courthouse, etc. Most of these places are going to have metal detectors ahead of time, and you can even store a knife in your luggage (not carry-on) when taking a flight.

Finally, all of the knives we show you will be assisted-open at best. We will not be showing any switchblade knives. This is due to the fact that switchblades are not legal in every state for every day carrying, and some entire countries even ban the use of them too.

To be honest, assisted-open can be just as quick to open as switchblades depending on how loose your knife is and how good you are at opening it. Therefore, all of our options will be awesome.

Now, let’s get started!

Top Knives For EDC - 5 Best

EDC Knife



Approximate Price

SOG Flare

SOG Assisted Open Tech

8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel


Spyderco ClipiTool

 Numerous Tool Options

8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel

$33 to $46

Kershaw Skyline

High Performance, Speedy Assisted Open Tech

Sandvik 14C28N Steel


CRKT Gungho

G10 Handle, Fast Assisted Open Tech

8Cr14MoV Stainless Steel

$40 to $50

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool

13 Tools, 2 Blades (15 Functions)

2 Stainless Steel Blades


SOG Flare

SOG Flare
  • Price: $30.00 - $40.00
  • Blade: 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel
  • Features: SOG Assisted Open Tech

We love the SOG Flare knife due to several key reasons. The first thing is the company behind it, SOG. Known for their blades, the SOG company tends to put quality behind their knives at a fraction of the cost you might see elsewhere.

In the SOG Flare, you’re getting a lot for roughly $35. First, the SOG assisted-open concept makes this knife open quickly without breaking the law. Meanwhile, they added a secondary safety lock just to make sure you did not accidentally open it as well.

SOG was able to cut some cost mostly due to the blade, which uses 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel. 

This is actually a Chinese blade type, which resembles Aichi Steel’s AUS-8 blade type. They are a Japanese company, so the difference in working with Asian companies has helped SOG quite a lot. Is this blade any good though?

To be honest, yes. It’s actually quite good for the price and for the lifetime of the blade cited by SOG. It is pretty durable too, as it reaches a hardness rate of 62 HRC on the Rockwell Scale.

This also allows the knife to stay sharp for a longer period. However, once it becomes dull or brittle you won’t be able to really use it much. That is the drawback of a knife like this, but for the price it sits at? We’re not complaining. It truly is one of the best EDC knives under $50.

Spyderco ClipiTool

Spyderco ClipiTool
  • Price: $33 to $46
  • Blade: 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel
  • Features: Numerous Tool Options

Spyderco truly outdid themselves to bring a cost-effective knife to the arena. Most of their knives tend to be $300 and under, but they have a few that fit the $50 and under crowd. Likely the best is the ClipiTool.

At first assumption, you might consider this as a Swiss Army Knife. However, that is not what this is, technically. Rather, it’s a knife that has tools attached along with it. Of course, that is similar to a Swiss Army Knife but also not, which we know is quite complicated.

That said, Spyderco has about 11 different options for its ClipiTool. The two popular versions are the scissors or screwdriver versions. This includes the knife along with one of those tools. Yet we can also say the Screwdriver option also includes a bottle opener too.

The knife used in this option is similar to the option from SOG, using 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel. 

Therefore, you’re getting a great knife perfect for daily use. That, in our opinion, makes it one of the best EDC knives under $50 that you can find.

Kershaw Skyline

Kershaw Skyline
  • Price: $40.00 - $50.00
  • Blade: Sandvik 14C28N Steel
  • Features: High Performance, Speedy Assisted Open Tech

It’s true that the Kershaw Skyline won’t win any beauty contests, but it’s certainly effective for what you need. We feel it is one of the best knives you can find for everyday carry, which mostly comes down to the fact that it has truly impressive steel attached.

This knife uses Sanvik 14C28N steel. Now, this is the type of steel you’ll see chefs use in the kitchen more often than not. That is mostly due to being high-performance steel that contains increased nitrogen.

This nitrogen increase gives the knife tremendous corrosion resistance and hardness. Basically, you’re getting a steel type that is cost-effective for places to use AND it performs impressively. It is likely why it’s considered the highest performing knife in the world today.

Keep in mind that this pretty much just means a lot of people are using it, and it’s usually highly productive among users.

The blade’s sharpness is important as well as its edge stability, especially if it is used inside a kitchen. In an EDC knife, it’s perfect and can get the job done regardless of what you ask of it. 

However, you should be aware that while it can be used for “some” outdoor activity, the Kershaw Skyline is by no means considered an “outdoor knife.” It will corrode easier when exposed to the elements for too long. This might also affect hardness.

Still, in spite of these small issues, it can be used for a lot of different things. Plus, Kershaw is a great trusted brand. They’ve even claimed the knife is often used by hunters.

This is an assisted-open knife that uses a specialized Kershaw locking system too. Overall, we love it and feel it’s one of the best EDC knives under $50.

CRKT Gungho

CRKT Gungho
  • Price: $40 - $50
  • Blade: 8Cr14MoV Stainless Steel
  • Features: G10 Handle, Fast Assisted Open Tech

Columbia River Knife & Tool or CRKT has created a knife they have interestingly named “Gungho.” It’s one of the best knives you can find for everyday use and it has features for days attached.

First is the tremendous G10 handle. This is one of the best handle types you can find in any knife, even those that cost hundreds of dollars. G10 is a handle type that is perfect for all weather conditions, making it great for outdoor knives.

With a company like CKRT behind it, knives like this are going to naturally be great for the outdoors even if that is not the main specialty. On top of the handle, you’ll get a blade made from 8Cr14MoV Stainless Steel, which includes black oxide finish.

This finish further aides the corrosion resistance of the Gungho knife.

This is an assisted-open knife but CRKT also made sure to add a locking feature to make sure the knife is safe for users. Yet the assisted-open side allows you to open the knife really fast. All in all, it’s pretty much perfect for most needs.

There is some controversy, however. Currently, CKRT’s website is selling it for around $40 while Amazon is selling it for just under $50. Take advantage now with the one you feel is best.

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool
  • Price: $40.00 - $50.00
  • Blade: 2 Stainless Steel Blades
  • Features: Includes 13 Tools, 2 Blades (15 Functions)

If you truly want a Swiss Army Knife, then you go to the Swiss to get one. Victorinox are Swiss Masters when it comes to pocket knives that are extra, Mario Lopez is worried about losing his job to one.

Now, this might be called a Swiss Army Multi-Tool but it’s actually an EDC knife that simply includes a lot of tools. The best thing is that you get multiple blades with this knife as well, so it’s like buying one tool for all sorts of possible uses.

There is some bad news within all of the good Victorinox put into this knife. The main blade on it is pretty much just stainless steel without a lot of greatness behind it. Yet what you sacrifice here is made up for. The blade can be repeatedly sharpened anyway.

What tools come with this knife? Technically, you get 15 functions out of it. 

Among them is a Large Blade, Small Blade, Can Opener, 3MM Screwdriver, 6MM Screwdriver, Wire Stripper, Bottle Opener, Reamer/Punch & Sewing Awl, Corkscrew, Scissors, Wood Saw, Toothpick, Key Ring, Tweezers, and a Multipurpose Hook.

You can see why it’s often referred to as a survival tool. More than anything else, it’s clearly one of the best EDC knives under $50 that you’re going to find today. Plus, if the price does not entice you...you should know Victorinox offers a lifetime guarantee on all their knives too.

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