5 Best Camping Chairs For Bad Backs

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If you’re like some of us with a bad back, you know how much it can suck to sit in one of those uncomfortable camping chairs. If you’ve ever experienced this horrible problem, we feel your pain…literally. But what are the best camping chairs for a bad back?

When you consider the best ones, there will be a couple of things many will look for. This might come down to padding and lumbar support. Yet others look for the ability it has to lean back. Yet a lot of the time, it’s assumed that the price for these better chairs will be high.

We assumed the same thing, but found it to not be accurate. In fact, you can get a really comfortable chair for a great price right now. This is even including some of the top camping chairs on the market today!

Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve gathered the 5 best you can check out right now. We’re sure you’ll like them as much as we do. Now, let’s get started on our list of the best camping chairs for bad backs!

Camping  Chairs For A Bad Back

Redcamp Camping Chair

Redcamp Camping Chair
  • Price: $60 range
  • Max Weight: 300lbs
  • Materials Used: 600D Oxford Fabric Mesh, Alloy Steel Frame

Redcamp has a tremendous chair for those with a bad back. It is made incredibly well, with a good weight max at 300lbs. Of course, this is the manufacturer’s recommended weight max but you could likely go slightly higher. 

They’re also using 600D Oxford Mesh, which makes the chair breathable and cool. This also allows you to get a lot of comfort. The mesh is much more giving, allowing your back to not be impacted by a harder chair back.

While it sits just like a normal chair, you’re also able to recline too. Therefore, allowing you to put your feet up and lean back to get your back into a more comfortable position. This can be invaluable during a camping experience for people to utilize. They even added a removable head rest for added comfort.

Redcamp was also nice enough to add a media pack, cup holder, and obviously comfortable armrests too. It’s also incredibly easy to pack up and carry out. The chair only weights 13lbs, but Redcamp offers a bag to put the chair in, as well as a shoulder strap. All to make moving it easier.

Strongback Guru Folding Camping Chair

Strongback Guru Folding Camping Chair
  • Price: $90 range
  • Max Weight: 300lbs
  • Materials Used: 600D Tear & Wear Resistant Fabric, Black-Powder Coated Steel Frame

We love this option from the Strongback brand. The name of the brand tells you how much your back comfort matters to them. They certainly developed a chair that is incredibly comfortable, as well as durable!

What Strongback has done is a few important things, such as add lumbar support and remove the sinking seat other camping chairs have. This takes away the back pain that comes from other sinking seats that hurt your low back. Meanwhile, it keeps your back in the right position, to prevent the slouched issue that leads to back trouble.

At the same time, they also added large feet to the chair. This is done to help the frame as well as allow you to place it in multiple areas. Yet it also is made to not sink into the ground or sand once you sit down. Truly, sinking issues are completely destroyed here.

You’re also able to adjust the seat to fit your specific height. Thereby allowing short and tall people to use it and get the best back support possible with the chair.

It is not shocking, due to all the fine details, that this chair has won a lot of awards for Strongback. They also added a 2-year warranty that covers a heck of a lot, including how you like using the chair. It’s also easy to transport at just 10.5lbs!

OzTent King Kokoda Hotspot Chair

OzTent King Kokoda Hotspot Chair
  • Price: $130 range
  • Max Weight: 331lbs
  • Materials Used: 600D Padded Polyestor, Durable Steel Frame

If you have a back issue, you know that nothing feels better at times than having a heating pad on your back to help. This can be truly terrific for the back and help you rest comfortably after putting your back through a lot. It seems the OzTent brand felt they could help further!

They have managed to make a Hotspot Chair that literally does as it sounds. The chair has a spot that can heat up to help your back. This can also be utilized for colder places, just in case you want to sit down in freezing cold weather.

Technically, there are 4 spots it offers heat. Those are the two sides of both your middle and lower back. Of course, all of this is included in a comfortable, well-padded chair with head rest too. Thus, it is comfortable even without the heat involved.

The heat works via hotspot pouches where you’ll insert them into insulated sections of the chair. It is said that they can hold up to an hour of heat each, but this might be more depending on the temperature outside.

It also has comfortable armrests and two media pouches to put things like your phone, laptop, and/or tablet.

Kingcamp Oversized Camping Chair

Kingcamp Oversized Camping Chair
  • Price: $70 range
  • Max Weight: 350lbs
  • Materials Used: 600 x 300D Oxford Fabrics, High-Strength Steel Tubes

Kingcamp is a terrific brand, so it does not shock us that they have made a great chair. What we love the most about this chair is all they have done to make it comfortable as well as easily transportable.

First, you’ll notice the size of the chair that comes with terrific lumbar support. You won’t really see any lumbar system due to the design, but once you sit down...you’ll certainly feel the difference. There’s also an alignment strap that ensures the lumbar stays in place.

You’ll also love the great armrests that double as holders. Get this, you not only get a drink holder but you also get an insulted cooler bag that can hold around 3 coke cans at a time! That is on top of the large side storage bags where you can keep pretty much anything. All of this is at the perfect height and reach level, removing your potential need to strain grabbing something.

This chair is made with great and durable products including the steel frame itself. It utilizes card slot type metal on metal contact to ensure durability. This is on top of the 600 x 300 Oxford Fabrics that offers great comfort that’ll last for a long time.

It is also just 11.3lbs, making it lightweight to carry around pretty much anywhere you’re going. Of course, Kingcamp also offers a great storage bag with strap to make transporting easy. On top of this, the chair easily folds up to fit in the bag, taking it literally seconds to get out and put up.

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair

Price: $120 range
Max Weight: 350lbs
Materials Used: Premium Elastic Cordage, Durable Polyester, Padded Foam, Steel Frame, Natural Wood

While Timber Ridge is not the only brand to make a zero gravity type of chair, they seem to be capable of doing it at the best price and best quality. You cannot ask for more than that as a user of their products for sure.

What is a zero gravity chair? For people with a bad back, it’s almost like having heaven inside a chair! It is basically a chair that reclines, but unlike some chairs similar to it, Timber Ridge has ensured your back stays supported to ensure you do not bust it out of wack while reclining.

You could literally fall asleep in this chair and no one could blame you! The chair does recline but does so with a locking mechanism that is patented by the Timber Ridge brand. This allows you to get the recline you want without randomly falling backward or forward.

Of course, the chair itself is properly padded all over for ultimate comfort. It also comes with a removable pillow and perfect lumbar support. On top of this, the ergonomic design also comes with natural wood armrests along with your zero gravity weightlessness experience while reclining. 

The chair is also built to be folded and unfolded in seconds, making it a great chair to take camping or even have on your patio. While it does weigh 24.5lbs, Timber Ridge offers a great carrying case that makes transporting far easier. That is on top of a 1-year warranty!

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