How Much Does Propane Weigh Per Gallon?

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We use liquid propane for a lot of things these days. We do not want to get too far into all the uses of propane and begin to sound like Hank Hill, as we’re not propane kings here. However, the uses of it are endless, but many may wonder if the size is a factor when it comes to the propane they use.

Size can be a pretty important factor, so you want to get the type of Propane Tank that will be good for your specific need. This is why you need to consider what propane weighs. Small 1-gallon propane can be pretty inexpensive yet most propane you buy will be larger than that.

How much does propane weigh per gallon?

A gallon of propane weighs 4.24 pounds. The average for a grill tends to be a little over 4 gallons, which would equal out to around 20 pounds of propane.

The type you might see for small generators, for example, could be anywhere between 1 to 4 gallons. Therefore, you might get something that weighs anywhere between 5 and 20lbs respectively.

What Exactly Is Propane?

propane molecular structure

Simply put, propane is gas. However, a lot of people are wrong about the type of gas that propane happens to be. Many also confuse it for the type of gas used to heat entire homes, space heaters, or those used for something like an oven.

Those tend to use Compressed Natural Gas or CNG, while propane is a chemically altered gas honestly. It is actually a three-carbon alkane. Hydrocarbons like alkane are important for the environment, but only up to a point.

Other alkanes you might have heard of are things like Methane & Ethane. Both exist in our environment, but methane alone is responsible for a lot of the Climate Change we’re experiencing right now.

Propane usage is not exactly “better” for the environment like people want to assume. It is simply better than many of the alternatives. Too much of it can still be problematic.

Propane is itself a natural gas due to being part of the Alkane family. However, it is actually refined with petroleum, making it worse for the environment than methane. It simply is nowhere near as widespread. It also excretes very little, making it better than gasoline fumes.

You should also know that propane is beloved for being a gas at standard temperature and pressure. It is compressible into a liquid and can be transported from place to place. Therefore, there is a lot of value in it due to the fuel offering it provides, with no hassle attached.

Dangers To Consider With Propane

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While the propane weight per gallon is also important to this, let’s table weight for a second and merely discuss propane itself. We’ll circle right back to weight, however.

There are some dangers with propane, which need to be considered before you ever buy a propane tank of any size. For example, although extremely unlikely, a hole can be punctured in the tank. This is not exactly dangerous if the tank is isolated. It is simply leaking the gas.

You cannot just use some Flex Seal and hope for the best. Once a hole is punctured, that tank is done. Do not use it ever again. Why? Because once you try to light it for use, the only opening in the tank you want is the one that is supposed to be present.

Another hole could likely result in fire shooting out from the hole, if not a full explosion. This can, obviously, be a huge problem.

You also need to know how to light up the propane, as it can be dangerous if done wrong. Many older grills required you to manually light the propane area. When done wrong, you might get a huge flame that could burn you.

Luckily, most new grills do not need you to do this. If you do have to do it, just remember to wear gloves and keep your face as far away as humanly possible. You’ll thank us later.

How To Dispose Of An Empty Propane Tank

propane cylinder recycling

Eventually, your propane tank will run out and it is not a good idea to just throw them away. In fact, it’s actually a waste of money to do it. Not only can these tanks be terrible to just throw into the environment, but some places will even pay you for them.

Some Recycling Centers will pay you for them or allow you to dispose of the tank with them for absolutely free. Most hardware stores will also allow you to do this, and places like AmeriGas also allow you to do it with them.

Many places decided to do something special to further push the idea that you should not just throw them away. In an effort to protect the environment as well as keep people safe, places like Home Depot will allow you to exchange an old empty propane tank for a new, full one.

Meaning, throwing away your tank makes no sense when you can exchange it for a full one for absolutely free. Why buy what you can get for free, right? Others will do an exchange at a reduced cost, allowing you to get a new tank for half the cost it normally might be if you bring your old one in.

There are many locations that allow you to refill your current tank, which is sometimes cheaper than getting a new one. If they don’t participate in one of the exchange programs, then refilling your existing one could cost less than half the amount of a new propane tank.

The exchange program usually only covers 20lbs grill tanks, so bigger versions will always need to be replaced completely or refilled. Thus, always resulting in a cost.

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