How To Purify Water In The Wild

collecting water

When it comes down to surviving, a human being cannot last beyond 3 days without some form of water or liquid entering their body. It’s a scientific fact that even without water for a day, we will have issues. Yet you cannot drink something that’ll kill you, so it’s important to know ways to purify …

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Hiking With Plantar Fasciitis

person hiking

While many of us love hiking annually through some of the best trails on Earth…there is a possible problem. Injuries or simply a small ordeal can make it hard to walk or run around anywhere. Even more so, hiking with Plantar Fasciitis is an even bigger problem for some.What Is Plantar Fasciitis?There are a few …

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Cowboy Camping: An Awesome Minimalist Adventure

cowboy asleep by the campfire

Often times men and women like to go back to the basics when camping and attempt to live as their ancestors did. This could involve various things, including but not limited to the removal of all technology that would pre-date 1900. In essence, you’re “cowboy camping.” What Is Cowboy Camping? [callout]Cowboy camping is the idea …

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