What Is Heat-Treated Firewood?

heat treated firewood

When you’re wanting to find some of the best wood to use for fires while camping or just having a bonfire at home, you truly should consider heat-treated firewood. We know what you’re thinking though, isn’t all firewood eventually heat treated if it ends up in a fire? Not exactly. One might then ask, what …

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Sleeping Bag GSM Rating ~ Temperature Ratings Explained

sleeping bag gsm ratings

It is very important to remember that sleeping bags are needed for multiple seasons when sleeping outdoors. One thing often ignored when looking into them is the sleeping bag GSM ratings. These are crucial, as they will help you determine several things about the bag. First, it will help you understand the comfort level the sleeping …

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How To Keep Bugs Out Of The Tent

bugs in a tent

With many of us going out camping soon, there is one thing that will annoy everyone…bugs. It can be quite annoying, so knowing how to keep bugs out of the tent we’re camping in is crucial. The little creatures are an annoyance that is often harder to deal with than they’re worth. Due to this, …

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Zero Waste Camping Ideas That Don’t Suck

Solar chargers on a tent.

We all care about the environment, at least in some way. We have to, right? Even the super-rich oil tycoons have to begin doing so or they will suffer as much as the rest of us. While we cannot change how some wish to do things, we can take steps ourselves..especially in the camping world. …

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How To Heat A Tent Without Electricity

a tent in snow

Who doesn’t love camping in the great outdoors? Being outside, surrounded by nature, it’s a truly magical experience. Although it might be nice and warm during the day, once the cold night starts to set in, you’ll find that it’s hard to enjoy the majesty of nature when you’re freezing. To fight against the cold, …

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How To Clean And Prevent A Moldy Tent

yellow tent

You stored your tent and ensured you took the utmost care to ensure it remained in tip-top condition, but you now realize it has grown moldy. You have no idea how this happened or how to go about cleaning a moldy tent. Unchecked mold will discolor your tent, make it smell terrible, and in the …

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How To Get Campfire Smoke Smell Out Of Clothes

people around campfire

For your clothes to smell like campfire, you need not be party to the most elaborate bonfire party ever. Even the smoke coming out of a barbecue can leave behind invisible traces in your clothes, which only your nose could detect. This is because the smoke scent can easily permeate your clothing and cling on. …

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Is Camping For Social Distancing Smart To Do?

tent camper

It is clear that in this time of a major super-virus, we are all doing the best we can to be socially distant from other people. The question is, how do we properly do this when the world seems to be getting in its own way? We have the answer as camping for social distancing …

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