How Much Does Propane Weigh Per Gallon?

propane cylinder

We use liquid propane for a lot of things these days. We do not want to get too far into all the uses of propane and begin to sound like Hank Hill, as we’re not propane kings here. However, the uses of it are endless, but many may wonder if the size is a factor …

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How To Use Dry Ice For Camping

dry ice

Dry Ice is a pretty useful form of cooling that we have been able to utilize well for some time now. Many campers want to use it more and more, but many simply need to know how to use Dry Ice for camping before doing so. What Is Dry Ice? For those unaware of what …

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How To Keep Sand Out Of The Tent

feet and tent

There are probably numerous problems you’re possibly dealing with in life. Yet there is one problem that many campers have a major issue with. That is how to keep sand out of the tent they’re using. Typically, this can be a problem the closer you are to a beach or tropical environment. However, sand can …

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How Are Knives Measured?

3 knives

When it comes to knives, many people do not know some important things about them. One of the key things we tend to see mistaken revolves around how knives are measured. This is an understandable issue, however. People tend to feel that knives are measured in certain or specific ways. However, this is not exactly …

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How To Keep Your Phone Charged While Camping

cellphone camping

Whether you’re in the middle of nowhere or simply camping off of a random camping ground, a lot can go wrong. It could happen randomly or even be a possible danger entering into a situation. This is why having a cellphone on you when camping is a must. Therefore, knowing how to keep your cellphone …

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Why Your Blade Won’t Hold An Edge


A lot of people who use knives on a regular basis tend to run into a problem. The edge, after a while, does not hold. The question then comes about, understandably, regarding why their knife won’t hold an edge. The answer to this can be both obvious and complicated. The reason for this ultimately comes …

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Tomahawk vs Hatchet – What Is The Difference?

tomahawk and hatchet

Many people tend to get confused about the differences between a hatchet and a tomahawk. In some ways, it makes sense to be slightly confused by them. However, there are some big differences to keep in mind too. The question is which one is better for you? To understand this, you should likely consider your …

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5 Knife Safety Tips You Need To Know

knife safety

When you have a knife, it is likely on your person for a load of different reasons. Yet one of the most important things people learn early on with a knife is how to be safe with one. Of course, we’re not unaware that knife safety is something that some simply never learned growing up. …

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Can You Bring A Camping Knife On A Plane?

TSA Checkpoint

A lot of people feel the answer to a question regarding the idea of bringing a knife on an airplane is a flat out no. You would, in some ways, be correct on this. Taking a knife on a plane does tend to be hard to do. However, there are some workarounds for this. In …

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