How Hot Does A Campfire Get?


When you go camping, a lot of things may cross your mind. In fact, it can be some weird questions about life, why we’re here, and stuff like that. Yet some might just wonder…how hot does a campfire get? The average temperature just to start a campfire using wood will require heat of least 600 …

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Do Camping Propane Tanks Expire?

camping propane and stove

It is possible that many of you will be going camping in both the Fall & Winter periods. Due to this, you may very well need to heat up your tent or perhaps cook on a grill. Both of which might use small propane tanks. However, do camping propane tanks expire? In a word, yes.  …

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Camping Hygiene Hacks When You’re In The Woods

woman brushing teeth

When you’re out in the middle of the woods, one thing is quite apparent. You’re not going to have access to a lot of ways to get clean. They do not have showers and bathrooms in the woods (normal type anyway). Therefore, it’s needed to know some camping hygiene hacks to get by. First and …

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10 Best Canned Foods For Camping

canned food for camping

When it comes to tent camping, food is not always the easiest thing to organize. You don’t have the facilities to keep fresh food refrigerated, and carrying a cooler bag is probably one more weight on your back that you could do without. This is why canned food is a long-standing necessity for camping, but …

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Can Chiggers Stay In Your Clothes?

man with chigger bites

We’ve all experienced it before. You go on a week-long camping trip or even just a day hike and then experience the dreadful itching of chigger bites. From that point on, you’re extremely cautious – trying to avoid chiggers at all costs by avoiding places that you think they may dwell. A common question concerning …

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How Long Do Tents Last?


Tents are a great thing we have access to as human beings. In fact, most animals would love to be able to stay out of the elements in the way we do. Of course, some tents are immaculate while others are minimal. The type you use will come down to many factors ultimately. In the …

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Can You Run Diesel In A Kerosene Heater?

kerosene heater

Kerosene Heaters can be wonderful and very useful. They are safer than other gas heater types, and kerosene itself is considered safe to use most of the time. Although too much of it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, you’re at very low risk of this. Yet will other substances work in your kerosene heater, should …

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Is A Tent Footprint Necessary?

tent footprint

Many of us are going camping right about now before it gets to the super cold time of year. As a result, we want to make sure we camp with the right tent as well as the right materials. Taking the right stuff with you can be quite important. Yet some are slightly questionable for …

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How To Bathe While Camping

bath in a stream

There is a lot that can be said about how hygiene is an important thing we all need to be sure to practice. The problem with this is that you might not have the ability to do so while camping, depending on where you’re camping. That said, many wonder how to bathe while camping. The …

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