5 Coolers With Awesome Sounding Bluetooth Speakers

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Whether it’s the Summertime or even the Spring, heck, even the fall…we all love to be outdoors with friends and/or family. While you want to party until you’re unable to, you still want to do it in style. So why not consider buying a cooler with bluetooth speakers? We know what you’re thinking…is that even a thing?

You’d be surprised what man invents in his quest for a good time. There are more than a dozen brands that make coolers with speakers on the market today. They can be found all over the place, but it’s possible that you may or may not know the best ones to purchase. We feel we can help with that.

We did the research and found the five best possible brands who make amazing coolers that play music. We found some that are incredibly well-priced, others that are tricked out, and some that are just all-around awesome!

What we mainly looked for in these products was something you could use both outdoors and indoors. On top of this, we looked at the type of speakers in these coolers as well as the space and cooling technology of the cooler itself. All of this criteria is quite important, of course.

That said, check out the list.

Oh, and before we forget to mention it, all of these coolers  use Bluetooth technology. This is pretty much industry-standard in almost anything with a speaker these days.

5 Coolers With Speakers

Edison Professional M-5 Iceblast

Edison Iceblast cooler
  • Food Prep Area
  • Bluetooth, 400 watts
  • 51L

Often referred to as the "Iceblast" due to having it on the name of the cooler, it's true full name is the Edison Professional M-5 Iceblast. It is important to make that distinction as Edison is a tremendous brand who deserves to be mentioned among the best in this industry. When you're looking for a cooler with speakers, Edison made the perfect model.

For most of their time in business, Edison has been known for its inventive speakers. While they make a lot for indoors, they are masters at making sound machines for the outdoors. Whether it's a PA system, specific instrument speaker, or normal large speakers....they have you covered. Yet their M-5 Iceblast is just amazing.

Obviously, the speaker is of high quality as expected for an Edison product. Yet they also managed to get the cooler portion of this invention perfect too. It can hold up to 51 liters of contents, including a great deal of both ice and drinks. This includes a divider for proper separation of things like food and drinks or personal space needs. All while the speakers are never in the way or compromise the product.

The speakers work on a battery system that is completely rechargeable and lasts for hours. The speakers combine for 400-watts of great sound, with Edison also adding in AUX, AC, and DC connection ports for you to have a complete experience.

Not to mention, Edison even added a food prep area on the Iceblast just in case you needed it. This just makes it a true "all-in-one" product!

Since you are obviously going to be dealing with water or liquid of some form, the M-5 Iceblast will need to be waterproof or splash-proof. That is exactly what Edison managed with this. It has been given an iPX-4 rating, which is pretty good. The M-5 Iceblast is also considered rugged and durable, as well as capable of any area.

Though this may also be a downfall for it. Due to its rugged nature, it can get a bit heavy even without ice or drinks added in. However, if this is the only complaint then they did something right.

Coolest Cooler

Coolest cooler
  •  8 Hour Run Time/Charge
  • 5-Watts Per Speaker
  • 52L

The Coolest Cooler (that is the real name) was actually a Kickstarter product that became a massive success. That campaign managed to help the company land over $13 million in cash to get their invention into production. That was in 2018 and by 2019, they began selling them to anyone interested, especially the over 62,000 that helped them raise the money.

Currently, this particular cooler is not on sale but hopefully more are coming out soon and will be up for sale. While the speakers may be a low 5-watt base, this will be improved in the new model. Yet there are a few speakers here, all working via Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The rechargeable battery in the Coolest Cooler is also pretty strong, capable of running 8 hours on one charge. This is right at the industry-standard for speaker life on one charge.

Yet at the same time, this cooler gives us a heck of a lot in one system. You can store up to 52 liters of contents in it!

This is also one of the industry leaders in their cooling technology, managing to have a machine that can keep ice stored without any major melting for up to 80 hours! They are able to do this due to their impressive rare insulation system. The longevity used here is well above industry standard for several coolers, so the fact that the Coolest team has added this PLUS speakers just shows how impressive they are as a developer.

There are tons of other add-ons, such as a blender included and an area for it to sit. On top of this, there's a bottle opener and charging station for electronics due to its USB drive.

Due to it being a newer product, the expectations are pretty high that it'll only improve and become even better than the first line. However, until that point we cannot give a set price as the Coolest corporation likes to keep that stuff under wraps for now.

RECOIL CA-3 Echo Pro

Recoil Echo Pro cooler
  • Built-In Power Bank
  • 250-Watt MAX Internal Speaker & 60-Watt RMS Power Handling
  • 39L

The people at RECOIL went out of their way to make one of the best cooler with speakers models that we've seen in a long time. They realized they could not make just another cooler with speakers, but rather it had to be impressive and stand out. When you're trying to do this, you must find a way to connect to things people want.

The cooler itself is 39-liter, which is among the industry-standard. . It's also working with Echo Pro Wheels and top tier insulation for the walls and the lid.

The wheels overall are made to be non-slip and they come with a comfort grip handle for a much easier form of transportation.

The power bank on this system is tremendous with overcharge protection along with dual USB 5V/2.1A charging ports.

Finally, the speaker is 250-watt for the internal amplifier, but this works along with completely waterproof marine speakers which are leveled at the 60-watt rating. Everything is well protected with the cooler/speaker combo, resulting in water resistance so impressive it has been given an IPX5 marine rating.

RECOIL truly outdid themselves with this product and it's well worth the investment. There is some controversy regarding the price of this product, often depending on where you are purchasing it from.

Obviously used and new will go for different prices but you may also see prices ranging up to $100 apart. Some can be bad sources to buy from, so look for trusted dealers or stores before looking to purchase one.

Alpine Electronics Ice System

Alpine cooler
  •  3.5mm Audio Input & Output
  •  180-Watts
  •  52L

The Alpine Electronics Ice System looks freaking awesome. It's almost like someone went to the future and brought it back in time, making us feel that the look of the system will last for a while without need for redesign.

The actual cooler for the system can hold up to 52 liters of contents and it even had a really useful divider in it. This will help people keep separate their contents inside the cooler in case they are not fond of sharing. We're huge fans of this option because you never know if anyone is very weird about how they store stuff. It also works as a divider for say, food and drinks.

The speaker is top notch working on 180-watts. Due to being Bluetooth-enabled, you can connect your tablet, phone, or laptop and easily be capable of listening to great music from anywhere. This all works up to 30 feet from this cooler with speakers that Alpine Electronics did such a great job on.

It also has a 12 volt AUX power outlet that can be used for numerous different things such as plugging in other possible equipment. Despite this, they also added a 3.5mm audio input and 3.5mm audio output that allow you to connect other speakers to the system! Not to mention, a 16-foot cable included in the purchase.

They also included an external power supply like some others have done in the same field. All of this is water resistant and uses rubber gaskets to keep water out of the control panel, speakers, and other electrical contents.

Koolmax Tunes2Go

Koolmax Tunes2Go cooler
  •  SD Card, USB, & XLR Inputs
  •  350-Watts, 6.5-Inch Hi-Fi Speakers, & 2-Inch High-Performance Tweeters
  •  37.8L

When Koolmax set out on their adventure to make a cooler with speakers, they did not settle for the same old stuff everyone else was trying. Not only did they add what the competition had but they even went beyond this and added things we never knew we needed too. The Koolmax Tunes2Go Speaker is nearly perfect in its design and all that is included with it. To top it off, they have more features in this than some smartphones!

While the cooler itself has a capacity that is just under the industry standard, we feel that 37.8 liters is still a lot of room. Koolmax claims they can put in 48 cans or 28 beer bottles with this space, including the ice. They also have some added advancements to the cooler that allows it to keep things ice cold and frozen for up to 3 days! This is actually above the industry standard for even some normal coolers.

They've also added bottle openers to get that beer or old school soft drink ready to drink within a few seconds. Not to mention, it's incredibly easy to move as it used two extra large handles on heavy-duty wheels, capable of handling any environment. Koolmax also added in a cool telescoping handle for even easier movement.

The add-ons Koolmax has put together are some of the most amazing we've seen and an absolute steal at the price asked for it. Obviously, it's Bluetooth-enabled but it also has a radio system in it to play FM Radio. You can also add an SD card or USB drive to the system via its additional plug-in options. If that was not enough, they also have XLR, 0.25-inch instrumental inputs.

Everything can be recharged simply due to the 5V/2A USB Power Port too. The added padded phone storage nook will help you keep your phone and some other devices out of the possible elements around you while it charges up well.

They still are not done, because they know you may need to clean up a bit after or even during a party. This is why they have a 12V/5A DC power socket to run various pumps or vacuums.

As for the speaker system itself, it is comprised of two 6.5-inch Hi-Fi speakers and two 2-inch High-Performance Tweeters all combining for a total of 350-watts of sound. In total, 4 speakers are within this system and each gives out impressive sound!

All of this comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 16 hours of playing time per charge. With everything being water-resistant or waterproof.

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