17 Large Camping Tents – Best Family Camping Tents

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Are you planning to go camping with your whole family or a large group of friends? A big camping tent may be just what you’re looking for to accommodate everyone.

Generally, a large family camping tent can accommodate 10 to 16 people at a time. There are many such tents available, but choosing the right one to meet your needs can be a daunting task.

We’re here to help you sort it all out so that you can find the best big camping tent for your particular requirements. Read on to know about the important factors to consider before you pick the right tent. 

Also, we have reviewed 17 large family camping tents and break them down to show you their main features.

Large Tent Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking for the best large tent for your family or other large groups, there are a few factors you need to consider. Here’s what to look for:

  • High-quality material: Of course, the first and the foremost thing that you have to look for is a good quality material. As you are camping, chances are high that you will face different weather conditions and climatic changes. You should choose a material that is capable of withstanding the elements and provide a high level of protection against sun, wind, rain, or snow. Generally, high-quality polyester is the best choice for your large camping tent.
  • Waterproof: The next thing that you should consider is that the tent should have a high resistance to moisture. Most tents are at least water resistant, which is good. Waterproof is even better. Having a waterproof tent can be the best option as it can prevent any water droplets from entering into the tent. Hence, you and your belongings can stay dry when rain approaches.
  • Proper ventilation: The next factor that is extremely important to be considered is the ventilation. When you are choosing the right tent, ensure that it comes with proper mesh structure and enough windows for the best circulation of air. Otherwise, it can be quite suffocating for all the people who are in the tent. Since, these large camping tents accommodate a lot of people, proper ventilation for best airflow is very important.
  • Space and Height: While buying a big camping tent, you have to consider the right space and height of the tent. Speaking of the large families or friends' group, we mean at least 10 people. So, you have to look for the tents that can provide you sleeping space for 10 people, at least. Based on the number of people in the group, you have to choose the size of the tents. Some tents even allow 12 to 20 people.       One thing you need to realize is that what tent manufacturers often claim to be the capacity will leave no room to move around when maxed out. It also doesn't leave room for gear. Keep this in mind. Make sure that the total number of people you are traveling with can sleep comfortably in the tent.
  • Easy to setup: An important thing to consider when buying a large camping tent is ease of setup. Most of the tents that are mentioned below are easy to setup and hardly take more than a few minutes with the help of 2 to 3 people.
  • Privacy in tents: When you go out camping with a large group and stay in the same tent, privacy can be a main concern. For maximum privacy, you can buy a tent with rooms in it or you can simply choose one with divider curtains. Some of the tents come with removable room dividers which can be removed when not needed.

Knowing what factors to consider for your particular needs, let's dive in and take a look a some of the top large camping tents out there.

Top 17 Large Family Camping Tents Reviewed


Floor Size

Max Height



168 X 132 inches

74 inches



9 X 18 feet

78 inches


Coleman WeatherMaster

17 X 9 feet

 6 feet - 8 inches



16.4 feet diameter

63 inches


Bushnell Sport

20 X 10 feet

84 inches


TETON Sports Sierra

12 X 12 feet

98 inches


Coleman Cabin

14 X 10 feet

6 feet 7 inches


Reabeam Screen Tent

20 X 17 feet

9 feet



169 X 121 inches

79 inches


QOMOTOP 10-Person

8 X 8 feet

4 feet 11 inches


NTK Super Arizona

8 X 17.4 feet

6.7 feet


Ozark Trail Base Camp

20 x 20 feet

78 inches


Core Instant Cabin Tent

18 X 10 feet

80 inches


Ozark Trail Instant Cabin

20 X 10 feet

80 inches


Eureka Copper Canyon

14 X 12 feet

7 feet


Tahoe Gear Cone

18 X 18



Ozark Trail Cabin

20 X 11 feet

78 inches


HikerGarden Large Camping Tent for 10 People


If you are looking for a great tent with ample space for your friends or family, then this is one of the best options to consider. It has everything that you probably need in a tent.

The best part is that this tent is extremely easy to setup reducing your time and effort in setting up camp. It comes with a portable carry bag and provides enough space for 10 people with a floor dimension of 168 X 132 inches. The center height of the tent is 74 inches.

You can easily accommodate 10 sleeping bags or 3 queen air mattresses in this tent. It is an ideal family camping tent for all types of weather.

As the tent is made up of 185T polyester material, it is completely waterproof in nature. Also, the double-layer protection provides amazing durability which can withstand wind and heat very well. There is a two-way zipper which is sturdy in nature and never gets stuck.

The advanced ventilation system allows great flow of air which is essential for large groups in a tent. This tent has 1 large mesh door along with 4 mesh windows for proper flow of air. The top ceiling is also breathable which further contributes to the circulation of fresh air.

Main features:

  • Separated rooms divided by curtain for privacy
  • Great ventilation and proper air circulation
  • Easy to setup in just 9 minutes
  • Completely waterproof to keep the inside dry
  • High-quality fiberglass poles

UNP Large Family Camping Tent for 10 People


Made up of 100% pure polyester, this tent provides great durability and resistance. It is spacious enough to accommodate 10 people at a time easily. You can use 10 sleeping bags or 3 queen air mattresses in this tent.

This tent is quite easily set up. There is no particular set of skills needed as it takes hardly 8 minutes to completely set up with 2 people.

With the large mesh roof, you can easily repel the mosquitoes as well as enjoy good ventilation. It also offers a large view where you can enjoy a night of stargazing.

The flow of air is much enhanced with the two large windows made up of mesh and two doors that can boost the ventilation of air. You can also hang one divider curtain for better privacy. With the extended vestibular awning, you can block rain from the entrance.

Main features:

  • Completely waterproof
  • Can withstand the wind quite well
  • Spacious enough for a large family or a large group of friends
  • Comes with 1-year quality guarantee
  • Mesh window and roof provides great view as well as it repels mosquitoes

Coleman WeatherMaster Large Outdoor Camping Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster

If you are looking for one of the best cabin tents for your outdoor camping plans, then this is a great option to consider. You are probably already familiar with the brand name as Coleman tents are quite popular for their quality and services.

This tent can accommodate 10 people in total with ample space for 3 queen-sized air beds. Talking about the quality, this tent provides the best protection against all types of weather.

The best part of this tent is the WeatherTec system along with patented welded floors that are excellent at keeping out water. No matter how wet outside, you will be dry in this tent. This cabin-like camping tent comes with hinged front door for easy entry and exit. It also comes with room divider which offers extra privacy.

It is quite easy to setup but it can take about 20 minutes to completely set it up single-handedly. After the completion of setup, it measures 17 feet by 9 feet with the center height measuring 6 feet and 8 inches high.

The fabric material of this tent is high-grade polyester with PU coating that can resist wind and rain efficiently. This item weighs around 31 pounds which is quite easy to carry from one part to another considering its size.

Main features:

  • Cabin tent with room divider for privacy
  • Ample room for 3 queen-sized air beds
  • Can accommodate 10 people at a time
  • Provides ample space with good height
  • Takes about 20 minutes to set up

GlamCamp 100% Cotton Large Bell Tent for 10 People

GlamCamp 100% Cotton Bell Tent

Looking for a large camping tent with space? This tent offers a large space for 6 to 10 people at a time. With the diameter of 16.4 feet and the door height of 63 inches, this tent offers the best space for camping with large groups. It also comes with some amazing features like a stove hole in the center from the floor. It can fit one king-sized bed and 2 twin-sized beds at the same time.

Made up of 100% cotton canvas, it provides amazing breathability as well as durability. It is resistant to both water and ultra-violet rays. All the seams are double stitched to ensure that they stand sturdy and unaffected when it comes to windy days.

Another interesting feature of this tent is that the floor can be zipped away to transform it into a canopy for outdoor events. This separable groundsheet design makes it ideal for luxury camping, family camping etc.

There is a standard bug mesh on the door and there are 4 windows with the mosquito repellent screens. The windows are low which allows for good flow of air. There are also 4 top vents which allow extra ventilation. The heavy-duty double-zipper can be operated smoothly and easily. The generous space and height of the tent offers easy movement of several people without making it a crunched space. This tent also comes with rain flap that can keep the water out completely.

Main features:

  • High quality 100% cotton canvas
  • Enhanced ventilation system with rain flaps
  • Can provide protection from rainwater and UV rays
  • Heavy duty double-sided zipper
  • Great tent for outdoor camping and events

Bushnell Sport Large Camping Tent - 12 Persons

Bushnell Sport Tent

This tent provides ample space for accommodating 12 people at a time. It comes with compact fiberglass poles and is easy to assemble the tent with the pole hooks. In any type of weather, this tent can provide you with exceptional service. It comes with factory-sealed seams that are fully taped. The tent is built with a completely weather resistant fabric that can protect the occupants when the weather is not good outside.

The base size of the tent is 20 feet by 10 feet with the height of about 84 inches in the center. It can easily give space for fitting 2 queen size air mattresses or 12 sleeping bags. The best part of this tent is that it comes with two attachable room dividers that can give you complete freedom for creating different spaces for sleeping and living. It comes with different accessories such as a hanging wall organizer, utility port, steel stakes and internal storage pockets.

This tent is also quite easy to set up .

Main features:

  • Free standing tent with adequate space
  • Fabric is completely resistant to weather and water
  • Provides space for 12 people
  • Comes with room divider for better privacy

TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Bell Tent - 10 to 12 People

TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Bell Tent

This is another canvas tent that can be a perfect choice for family camping as it can accommodate 10 to 12 people at a time. Made up of strong treated cotton canvas, it can be a perfect choice for all types of weather. The fabric is completely waterproof and can keep you dry even in heavy rain. It provides perfect blend of airflow and protection.

As it is quite easy to set up, you can do it within few minutes. There is one huge door which is great for loading and unloading gear quickly and easily.

This tent makes a comfortable place for living in allseasons. It is a home away from home with doors and windows. The canvas material is quite strong and durable which can last a long time. It is a 2-in-1 tent and canopy which you can use according to your needs. It is the perfect tent not only for camping, but for for weddings and other outdoor events as well.

Main features:

  • Easy to setup within few minutes
  • Completely breathable allowing proper ventilation
  • Waterproof
  • Enough space for 12 people
  • High-quality durable canvas  material for all seasons

Coleman Cabin Tent for 10 People

Coleman Cabin Tent

Setup this cabin tent for your family in just 1 minute. It is that easy to set up without sacrificing protection. As we all know, the Coleman tents are always a good choice for quality. This one comes with dark room technology which can block out 90% of the sunlight in comparison to other tents. So, you can sleep peacefully and comfortably even after the sunrise.

It can also reduce the heat drastically for more comfort. As the corners are properly welded along with inverted seams, it keeps the water from getting inside the tent. It is completely weatherproof and offers complete protection from all types of weather.

Another great thing about this tent is that it comes with reflective guy lines which make it easier to spot the tent even in the dark.

There are room dividers which help to provide a kind of separate area in the tent to add some privacy. The interior of the tent measure 14 feet by 10 feet and the center height is about 6 feet 7inches. It can accommodate 4 queen sized air mattresses.

Main features:

  • Built with dark room technology for best comfort
  • Great heat reduction
  • Perfect for all weather
  • Proper visibility at night with reflective guy lines
  • Easy and fast setup

Reabeam Screen Tent - 10 to 15 people

Reabeam Screen Camping Tent

This is a great gazebo type tent to block the sun's rays or for an eating area. It has multiple uses and can accommodate about 10 to 15 people at a time. It can keep the inside air temperature warm using the sun's rays.

This tent is ideal for an outdoor campsite and can be used as pool cover as well. It is made up of high quality 190T polyester fabric PVC material and is completely waterproof. It comes with two red gauze pieces which can be used for blocking the wind and sunlight regardless of the direction of the sunlight. The Gazebo is made up of a mesh that is tightly weaved, keeping out even the smallest of bugs so you can relax outdoors in peace.

Main features:

  • Accommodates 10 to 15 people
  • Made up of high-quality waterproof material
  • Protection from bugs and mosquitoes
  • Blocks sun and wind

Dhmzhangp Outdoor Big Camping Tent for 8 to 12 people

Dhmzhangp Outdoor Camping Tent

This is one of the largest tents that you can use for camping as it can accommodate 8 to 12 people at a time. The ultra-large tent comes with some amazing features. It is a double tent which is made up of high quality material that makes this tent completely waterproof. It has fiberglass rod supports and it weighs only 16.5 kg. Hence, it is quite easy to carry this tent.

This is an outdoor camping tent that comes with huge space for a living room and two bedrooms. It is a perfect tent that can be used in all four seasons. This tent is fairly easy to setup.

Main features:

  • Ultra-large space
  • Dual layer material
  • Perfect for large friends group or family
  • Four-season tent

QOMOTOP Camping Tent -10 Person


This is another great big tent option if you're looking for a tent that's easy to set up. With its instant setup system, it doesn't take more than 1 minute to successfully setup the entire camping tent. The best part is the pocket design of this tent which makes it easier and lighter to travel with. It has a great capacity that can accommodate about 10 people at a time.

The spacious interior room can give ample space for everyone to sleep in relax and comfortable position. The dimension of this tent is 14 feet by 10 feet and the height is about 6 feet 4 inches high. The storage bags can be placed on the top as well as on the sides. There are 3 windows in total to assist in the flow of air.

The best part is the detachable rain roof. When it is raining, you can keep the rain roof on and when it is not, you can take off the rain roof to enjoy the outdoor scenic beauty. Even at the night time, you can simply lie down and gaze at the beauty of the star studded sky through the mesh roof. Upgraded ventilation prevents condensation in the tent. The waterproof layer with the zippers can keep you completely safe and dry from the rain.

Main features:

  • Provides great ventilation from all sides
  • Detachable rain roof for enjoying view
  • Highly spacious for 10 people
  • Easy setup

NTK Super Arizona Camping Tent - 12 Person

NTK Super Arizona Camping Tent

Enjoy the ultimate outdoor camping experience with your family and friends with this spacious tent with accommodations for 11 to 12 adults. It comes with detachable room dividers for better privacy along with 2 doors and 3 windows. The tent is designed in such a way that it can be setup very easily and smoothly.

It provides full protection from the rain with its double layer 190T polyester material. The partially aluminum heat-welded PU sealed seam can protect you from each and every rain drop as well as UV rays from the sun. The large vents covered with mesh provide complete ventilation. This tent comes with large D-style doors which are covered with mosquito mesh that provides an open view as well as protection from mosquitoes and other pests.

The floor material is also quite good. It is made up of a heavy-duty material which is completely anti-fungal. This provides protection from sun, wind and rain and can be used in all seasons.

Main features:

  • Mesh covered vents, windows and doors
  • Protection from rain and UV rays
  • High-grade 190T polyester material
  • Easy to setup
  • Spacious tent with detachable room divider

Ozark Trail Family Cabin Base Camp Tent for 14 persons

Base Camp

This is a great tent which comes with huge space and facilities. It can easily accommodate about 14 people at a time. The total space of this base camp is 235 square feet and it can be divided into 2 to 4 separate rooms. Another great feature of this tent is that each side of this tent has its private entrance. So, if you divide this tent into 4 rooms, each will have their own entrance which is great for providing privacy.

Also, this tent comes with 12 windows allowing great visibility and proper ventilation too. The floor size is huge providing 20 feet by 20 feet of space. The center height of the tent is about 78 inches. The total setup time required for setting up this tent is just 20 minutes. But it is not an all-season tent. It can be used for 3 seasons.

The taped fly seams can effectively prevent the leakage. It can also fit about 5 queen air mattresses for about 14 people in the tent. You can also tie back the room dividers to make one large room if you wish. This tent is ideal for both large families as well as for large group that need maximum privacy.

Main features:

  • Huge space for 14 people
  • Can protect your from UV rays and rain
  • Can be divided into several rooms (up to 4)
  • Each side has separate entrance
  • Easy to setup and lightweight for easy transport

Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

This is another great option to consider if you are looking for a camping tent with large space. This tent can easily accommodate up to 12 people at a time. With a large space and wide windows, this tent can feel nothing less than a home. This tent has plenty of ventilation for a large number of people.

This tent doesn't take much time to setup. It takes only 2 minutes to complete the setup and can allow 12 people to sleep at a time and fits 3 queen air mattresses. It has a 18 foot by 10 foot floor size with a center height of 80 inches. With H20 Block Technology, heat sealed seams keep the water out. This tent comes with 2 room dividers that can create 3 rooms easily.

Also included are wall storage pockets and the gear loft that can keep the items properly organized and neat. The removable rainfly will allow you to enjoy nighttime stargazing through the large mesh ceiling panels. But if it rains, you can put it back to stay dry.

Main features:

  • Front and back doors with large windows
  • Removable rainfly
  • Made up of 68D polyester material
  • H20 block technology to keep the indoor completely dry
  •  Easy setup feature with advanced ventilation and room dividers

Ozark Trail 20 x 10 Instant Cabin Tent for 12 People

Ozark Trail Family Cabin Base Camp

With 20 feet by 10 feet of space this cabin tent can provide sufficient space for 12 people to sleep at a time. Made up of 190T coated polyester, fiberglass and steel, this camping tent can be set up in only 2 minutes as the poles are permanentely attached to the tent.

With innovative dark rest technology, the sun's rays are blocked completely. The tent has a skylight with ceiling panels and a rainfly with sealed seams that keep the water to stay out. This cabin tent is a great all season tent.

It has a 3-room layout that can be divided with room dividers. You can pull back the room dividers to allow everyone to share one large space. Ground vents allow for air circulation. This tent comes with 6 months of limited warranty.

Main features

  • Withstands water and sun
  • Comes with 3 room layout with detachable room dividers
  • Dark rest technology
  • Ample space of 20 feet by 10 feet
  • 80 inch center height

Eureka Copper Canyon - 12 Person Tent

Eureka Copper Canyon

Enjoy camping in this cabin-like tent with rooms. It can accommodate 12 people and can be divided into 2 smaller rooms with the removeable room divider. This cabin tents has a spacious interior ideal for the cots and airbeds.

The total space offered by this tent is about 14 feet by 12 feet with 7 feet high walls. There is a 360 degree view and great ventilation. Assembly is quite easy, taking only a few minutes.

Nowadays, we can't even think of traveling without our electronic gadgets. This tent is also equipped with a power port which will allow you to bring an electrical cord for charging the personal devices and other electrical needs. It also comes with a convenient overhead storage that provides space for storing personal items.

Main features:

  • Cabin-like structure
  • Ample space for 12 people
  • Setup easily and quickly
  • Power port for modern day benefits
  • Conventional storage space for person belongings

Tahoe Gear Cone Shape Camping Tent - 12 People

Tahoe Gear Cone Shape Camping Tent

This is an amazingly unique looking large camping tent. It is a waterproof tent with durable flooring. It can provide you with the perfect combination of weight and carry size. It also can protect you and your family or friends from all types of weather elements. This can handle more than just the rain storms or a windy day. It can handle the wind blowing at 35 mph efficiently. It comes with a carry bag.

Talking about the space, it comes with 18 feet by 18 feet dimension and can accommodate about 12 people. It comes with weatherproofed windows and is built with water-resistant fabric that works in any weather situation. Made up of 1000mm polyester polyethylene, the floor has excellent durability.

Main features:

  • 4 PVC windows plus floor vents
  • Detachable rainfly for better view
  • Accommodates a large group
  • Can handle rain and wind well
  • Durable flooring
  • Unique center pole design

Ozark Trail Cabin Tent for 10 People

Ozark Trail Cabin Tent

This is another great option that you can consider if looking for a large camping tents with rooms. It comes with 3 rooms and it is one of the best family tents for camping with privacy. With a huge space of 20 feet by 11 feet in flooring space, it allows sleeping room for 10 people. It also comes with a center height of about 78 inches. The total space area is 184 square feet.

This cabin tent can fit 3 queen air mattresses. All these rooms are separated by the room dividers that are also removable. The dividers are removeable for using the tent as one large space. It also comes with an E-Port facility for an extension cord. This tent is lightweight and easy to setup.

Main features:

  • Ample space for 10 people
  • Can be divided into 3 rooms for better privacy
  • Easy to setup and carry
  • Comes with front canopy for entrance protection
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