Best Winter Tents With A Stove Jack

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One of the most important things we all need in a winter situation outdoors is a way to cook as well as keep warm. You can do this quite well when you use a winter tent with a stove jack. These particular tents are designed with a hole in place to fit the stove’s chimney of sorts. Keep in mind, all of the smoke that comes from cooking anything needs to be removed from the tent somehow.

If you do not want the inside of your tent to be a smokey mess, you’ll have no choice but to either open your tent or having some sort of area for the stove/fireplace to send it all. Since it can be very cold in some places, opening a tent is out of the question. That is why these tents are so awesome. They give you everything you need.

While it’s obvious you can cook with the stove, it also works as a heating source too. Most of these tents are also designed to keep all of the warmth or coolness in, depending on if you’re trying to cool or heat it. Due to this, you won’t have to worry about the elements outside at all. This makes all of these tents usually terrific for all 4 seasons of the year.

With this knowledge, how can you resist a winter tent with a stove jack at all? Since we know that it could be hard to turn down, we put a list together below to highlight some of the best available. We decided on each one by how they are made, their price, what is included in them, and much more. Now, let’s get started!

PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent
  •  4-Season
  •  300gsm Cotton
  • Waterproof, Rain Protection, Wind Protection, Breathability

PlayDo has managed to put together, what we feel, is one of the best tents available on the market. This has to do with not just the winter tent with a stove jack type, but ALL types. The reason for our love is pretty easy to see when you find out what amazing materials are used for it along with all the amazing amenities it provides.

Let's address the impressive 300gsm cotton fabric first. Not only is this type of cotton useful in helping insulate, but it can do this for both warm and cool temperatures. Cotton is also notably breathable. so it gives your tent the ability to remain cool or warm while not being overly stuffy with either one. The 300gsm count only ensures this.

Of course, this is a winter tent with stove jack so it comes with the top air vent for that very stove. The vent is around 5-inches in diameter. This has been made to work as an all-seasons vent hole too. Therefore, you'll have no need to switch up anything.

On top of this, they have added zippable windows that come complete with nets. Therefore, if you need to open the windows due to nice temperatures outside or you just want a nice breeze to flow in, you can get this. Meanwhile, you won't deal with any unwanted bugs due to the helpful net. The tent walls can even be rolled up to add even more to the quality of the product!

Obviously, you cannot buy a tent that cannot deal with the elements. This tent holds up well, as PlayDo ensures its completely waterproof. It can handle most rainfall and snowfall along with moderate winds.

This tent is very roomy due to the large teepee make of this model. Of course, you can buy numerous different sized versions of this tent. This is why our price scale is so large. The bigger the tent is, the more it'll cost. The sizes range from 3M/9.8ft. all the way to 7M/23ft. Not all sizes will be available right off, so it is best to look into buying one as soon as you can before major camping seasons.

The tents are made within the United States and ship out from California, Texas, or Kentucky. Once purchased, they usually arrive within 8 days.

OneTigris Smokey HUT Ultralight Hot Tent

OneTigris Smokey HUT Ultralight Hot Tent
  • 4-Season
  • Silicon-Coated Nylon
  • Weatherproofness: 20D fabric, Waterproof Seams

The OneTigris Smokey HUT Ultralight Hot Tent is terrific when it comes to everything the actual tent manages. We feel that the company went above and beyond to make their tent stand out. One very important addition to this tent is that they considered how the weather might impact their tent and found a way to fix it.

For example, the nylon fabric is made with a 20D Silicon-coating. What does this mean? Well, Silicon itself is a hard substance on its own. However, it is also capable of pushing away water as it just falls off the stuff. This is also useful against heat. When you are searching for a tent with a stove jack, people just think of the stove jack part and not the material and contents used.

With this tent, they knew the fabric may have trouble staying together if it randomly ended up getting too hot. Things could melt or just fall apart but the silicon-coating ensures this won't happen. The tent also used the beloved YKK Zippers that can survive tornadoes, hurricanes, and many other disasters. These zippers are darn-near indestructible sometimes.

In addition, the tent does well against the rain. In fact, it was given a 3000mm waterproof rating. The rating does not mean the waterproof nature of this tent is perfect. It is capable of handling light to average rain, but it won't do well in flooding situations or high-end storms. Therefore, be weather aware before heading out.

The tent is lightweight and easy to move around as a result. The tent also only weighs 2.6lbs, so taking it from place to place won't be difficult at all. . It does not come with a tent bottom, so you'll just set it up pretty quickly without any real problem.

It is also quite spacious for 2 occupants. Of course, the addition of a top opening area for the burning stove and flue pipe obviously means you have to give up some room for the stove. Without this included, the tent could probably fit 3 people comfortably.

Obviously due to the stove, it could get quite warm inside the tent. This is why OneTigris has also included 2 windows for ventilation at the top along with the standard zippered side entrance. Overall, this will make it easier to be inside the tent once it gets a bit warm.

Russian-Bear Winter Tent with Stove Pipe Vent

Russian-Bear Winter Tent with Stove Pipe Vent
  •  4-Season
  • Oxford 240D
  • Fireproof, Waterproof

The Russian-Bear Winter Tent certainly earned its name. This is a winter tent with a stove jack but unlike others on the list, the Russian-Bear includes a stove with the tent too. This is the only one on our list that does this, but it also adds to the price of the tent. Therefore, if you prefer buying separately then this may not be your best option. Yet you may feel, after reading more, it's worth every penny.

The stove itself is very safe to use with protective screens to avoid any random issues.

It is a bit smaller than some of the others but it can easily have enough room for 3 adults. Despite its "winter tent" moniker, this tent can hold up and work well for all 4 seasons of the year! It is tremendous at helping you escape the hot sun during the winter while doing similar in protecting you from the elements during the winter.

Due to including the stove, it is completely fireproof. The stove acts as a furnace to help you stay warm during the cold weather periods. Yet it also has windows that can be opened up in the warm months of the year, just in case the stove makes things too toasty. Each window comes equipped with a mosquito net to protect you from the bugs.

The tent is made with Oxford 240D material that keeps the thing entirely waterproof. They even include a waterproof floor that can even detach if needed. The tent walls are completely double layered to avoid any condensation problems.

They also have detachable waterproof zip fans for those who like to fish. This can be a tremendous tent to put over a hole during ice fishing periods. Due to being made to handle all the Russian elements and weather patterns, it can hold up well for the ice fisherman.

When you purchase this tent, they include some useful stuff with it. Obviously you get the tent and frame, but they also include the tie-down strap and 50 feet pegs. Along with this is the 14 PCs Stove & helpful Carrying Bag. This also includes all the cool stuff we mentioned earlier too!

White Duck Outdoors Premium Luxury Avalon Canvas Bell Tent

White Duck Outdoors Premium Luxury Avalon Canvas Bell Tent
  •  4-Season
  • Polyester, Vinyl
  •  UV Protection, Water Resistant, Fire Resistant

The White Duck Outdoors tent we're covering here is often listed as a "glamping" style of tent. The reason for this is that, as the word describes, it's truly a tent that fit for those who want to have a glamorous experience. While it may not seem like it, this tent truly is glamorous once you see the inside and what one can fit in it.

The tent comes in two different material types. The first is Water Repellant for those people who know they may be dealing with areas where rain or nearby water could result in a wetter experience. The other material type is both Fire & Water Repellant. The material types do not often result in a different price point depending on the size of the tent you choose. Keep an eye on that when looking for which tent you prefer.

They all are made for all 4 seasons of the year, giving you a tent that is terrific year-round.

It comes with a Zipped-in 16-oz high-density PVC groundsheet, 5-inch wide stove jack opening made of Vinyl Fire Retardant Material. They also include a bug mesh door, 4 windows that are heavy-duty and can zip open or closed using YKK zippers. If that is not enough, this glamping tent uses Polyester UV Resistant Dura ropes, which come pre-attached with triangular metal rope tension adjusters and elastic cordage. This is in addition to the standard center pole and door a-frame.

The groundsheet can be removed and the walls can roll up to give you multiple options with how you can choose to camp.

White Duck Outdoors also included a Bug No-See-Um Entrance Door that has a three-way zipper made from PVC Dipped UV Resistant Mesh. This also comes with 4 large roof vents on various sizes to improve airflow opportunities should they be needed. On top of this is the 4 utility pockets.

The space is pretty useful here, as all tents come with an average wall height of 3 feet and a peak height of 9 feet. That does not even include the roof space added to each tent too. Thus, they are comfortable for people of all heights.

Since we have numerous tents to choose from size-wise, you may want to pick the size that contains the features you need most. For example, there are 8 windows in the 4M, 10 windows in the 5M, and 12 windows in the 6M. Of course, they all include the Bug Mesh and some are detachable to make a sleeping pod, though this is not included with standard purchases.

The set-up is a breeze and despite the size, one person can put it together without any trouble. They use a steel galvanized pole with dee for a hanging light as well as a galvanized steel a-frame door. It can be heavy to carry but with all of this in the right places, the rest of it is simple to set-up.

This is not even discussing the stove you can put in here as well as the great insulation this tent provides.

It's ultimately the best experience for anyone who wants to enjoy camping without any discomfort.

Preself 3 Person Lightweight Teepee Tent With Stove Jack

Preself 3 Person Lightweight Tipi Tent
  • 4-Season
  • Anti-Tear Polyester
  • PU2000mm Waterproof

We love this option from the people at Preself. They have made a teepee tent that can actually hold up well in all seasons, which can be tough to do for any tent honestly. In addition, the tent is made to fit 3 people comfortably. This could also just as easily fit simply 2 people and their dog too. Truly, the option is what you make of it. We find this to be a steal at around the $75 asking price honestly.

The measurements break down to the bottom being 10.5ft with the height being 5.2ft. The people at Preself claim people can easily cook, chat, and work comfortably in this space. Honestly, we believe them with the space offered. The tent itself is capable of holding strong against the weather.

It is made with anti-tear 210T patterned polyester. This pretty much means that it won't come apart during some high winds that your tent could likely face in the outdoors. The wind may not be an issue but how does it do against the rain? It was given a rating of PU2000mm. This means that it can handle light to average rain without an issue.

It is not recommended for major storms. However, if a surprisingly strong storm comes in during the middle of the night, the additional anti-tear technology in this tent will help things stay together.

Naturally, we have issues with the heat like anyone else does when it comes to tents with a stove jack. The stove is going to bring some heat, so how does it remove this problem for the occupants inside? Preself has added in 2 big air vents with the stovepipe itself obviously having a hole to go through separate from this. They also added in a double door that can be open or closed without much of a fuss.

Do keep in mind that this tent does not come with the stove or heat shield as those are sold separately. Preself advised the heat shield especially for their tent as it'll keep the fabric from touching and catching on fire.

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