10 Tips For Making Tent Camping In The Rain Fun

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So you’ve planned the perfect camping trip with day-to-day activities that you and your family would enjoy but there’s just one problem – rain. The weather simply doesn’t always cooperate.

If you’re on your first camping trip, don’t let foul weather leave a bad taste in your mouth. It’s not the end of the world if this happens to you. In the summer season, there are plenty of ways that you can have fun while camping during inclement weather both indoors and out. Here are a few tips for camping in the rain to help salvage your trip.

Indoor Activities

While the rain continues to pitter-patter on your tent, it’s a great opportunity to do a number of things with your family to relieve the boredom until the rain clears.

Board Games

This one is easy and it’s the first thing that comes to mind for most campers. Be sure to bring a couple of board games like Scrabble or cards on your trip that everyone enjoys playing. Be sure to have snacks available such as Chex mix and drinks.


Woman reading in a tent.

A great time to catch up on some reading is on a rainy day. So be sure to pack that novel you’ve been trying to finish. Or if you’re the techie type like me, bring some magazines to keep yourself occupied. If you have wifi access you can bring your tablet along just in case.

Take A Nap

This may sound weird to some but I absolutely love the sound of rain. I find it to be one of the most relaxing things on earth. It’s so easy for me to take a nap during rainy weather and I enjoy it. If you find rain to be relaxing, it may be a good time to drift off for a little while and get some rest.


Finding games that you can play inside a tent with kids can be challenging. They obviously can’t play hide and go seek. But charades is a game that still works and everyone can be involved. You can also play “I Spy”.

Sing Songs and Tell Stories

I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. But I try. Singing songs can help pass the time until the sun returns. Let the kids pick the songs. Maybe you have a ukelele or some other small instrument that’s not too hard to pack to make it more fun.

If it appears the rain is going to be short-lived, you can pass the time by sharing a story or take turns telling a joke.

Paper Football

This is a classic game from way back in my grade school years (ancient). You may remember it as well. All you need is a sheet of paper and a flat surface to use as a field. You can learn how to play here.

Outside Activities

As long as there is no lightning and warm weather, there is no reason you can’t still be outside. You can even be directly in the rain if you don’t mind the water. You can only get so wet, right?

While it’s not the best time to cook meals there are a number of things you can do in the rain.

Take A Rain Bath

If you’re not camping with a bathhouse available, a good rain shower may be the perfect time for a little camping hygiene. Simply strip down to your desired level, lather up, and let the rain rinse.

Rain Frisbee

Kids can play frisbee, football, and most other outdoor sports as long as there is no lightning. Let them get as wet and muddy as they please. Just have them strip down and take a quick rain bath after they are done.


If you don’t mind being wet, you can still fish in the rain. You may just have better luck as fish tend to be more aggressive in the rain.

Just make sure that there is no lightning present, especially if on a boat. If you can hear any thunder do not attempt to get on the water period! Better yet abort all outdoor activity if you can hear thunder and seek the nearest substantial shelter until it subsides.

Use A Tarp

I always carry a large tarp. I would suggest getting a 20′ x 20′ or larger tarp to hang as a large cover. I would set this up upon arrival while you’re setting up your tent.

As long as the wind isn’t too strong this gives you a large dry space to put your chairs and sit around and talk or do whatever.

If the rain is fairly light and set in for a period of time, a large tarp will allow you to do a multitude of things you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise such as preparing meals, keeping firewood dry, having a dry space for ice chests, and so forth. It also makes for a great shady spot when the sun is out.


So you see, a little rain doesn’t have to mean the end of your camping trip. Things can get quite messy but it’s all a part of camping. As long as you look for signs of lightning and don’t put yourself in harm’s way you can easily make the most of your rainy trip.

Most importantly, if you and your family get caught in a heavy thunderstorm, seek the nearest building until it passes. If there is not a building available use your vehicle for temporary shelter but keep it away from trees or other tall structures.

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