The Sharpest Pocket Knife You Can Buy Right Now

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We all want a solid pocket knife that can do everything we desire. However, the hard part is getting a proper knife that can last while also remaining incredibly sharp. What truly is the sharpest pocket knife out there and where can you buy it?

Honestly, we wanted to know the same thing. This is why we just blasted through the internet, outdoor stores, and even met with a few High Priests and Native American Chiefs. After passing around the peace pipe for a bit, they told us the tale of the sharpest pocket knife on Earth.

We listened intently, as we wanted to know the answer. First, they mentioned that the material used to make the sharpest knife ever is known as Obsidian. However, due to how this had to be formed it was not exactly an EDC pocket knife. It is also too brittle to really be a folding knife.

Therefore, one needs to look at companies like Kershaw, SOG, Gerber, Spyderco, Tac-force, Victorinox, and many others. We, of course, asked them to tell us what they feel is the sharpest pocket knife from the brands.

That was when they told us a tale of 2 knives: The SOG Kiku Brand Knives & The Kershaw Leek Knives.

Both used great premium steel that could be sharp out of the gate, yet only the Kershaw truly held up as the true master of sharpness. We checked into this after waking up in a field the next day and found the Kershaw Leek was the sharpest knife in the world. Let us tell you about it.

The Kershaw Leek Knives

Kershaw currently sells a line of knives known as the Leek. These knives come in many variants so you’ll likely find a style that suits you.

Most blades are made with steel known as Sandvik 14C28N. This steel has excellent edge performance, corrosion resistance, along with high hardness. Microchipping and edge folding is minimized while blade sharpening is easier. Blade retention is greatly improved with the use of this steel making the Leek, in our opinion, one of the sharpest knives you can buy.

If you’re still not satisfied with this steel somehow, you should also be aware that it’s incredibly tough and durable. All of this means it can handle anything you throw at it and remain sharp the entire time.

Assisted-Open Status:

While most of the pocket knives we originally looked for were folding, we also felt assisted-open knives made sense too. They are small enough to fit in your pocket and they’re legal in every state across the union.

Along with that, they are legal in several other countries around the world. This is why we felt that we needed to give assisted-open knives a try and Kershaw has an abundance of these types of knives.

The Kershaw Leek is honestly so fast with its opening ability that some might question its legality. Yet it does fit what is asked of these knives, so you’re getting something that can be used quickly in a possible crisis.


Due to its impressive assisted-open status and the premium 14C28N steel it uses, most would expect Kershaw to ask for an insane number. However, they have a reasonable asking price for such a premium pocket knife. This is the sharpest pocket knife we can find, and it’s well worth using. The cost asked for it by Kershaw is a steal and we are surprised they are letting these go for so low. Most styles can be found in the $40.00-$50.00 range.

All of this having been said, check out the Kershaw Leek when you can. We’re sure you’ll come to the same conclusion we did.

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