The WEN 56203i – A Super Quiet Camping Generator

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When it comes down to something we all need eventually, generators that are portable are at the top of the list. This is especially true as the world has become more technologically driven. This is where the WEN 56203i Generator comes into play.

It is completely portable and super quiet, allowing you to take it on camping trips. But it’s not just a super quiet camping generator. It can also be used around the home when the power goes out for a bit. This generator is a powerful 2000 watts, which can likely power a ton of stuff for quite a while. This obviously depends on how much power the tech hooked up to it needs to use.

Before we go into more about the 56203i, we wanted to explain some technical material. We feel this will help you understand why the WEN Generator is so impressive on top of the fact that you’ll be able to look at certain things and know what they mean. Let’s get started!

The SI Unit of Power:

The International System of Units also referred to as SI, is an internationally recognized system of measurement. It is also referred to as the Metric System by many. The United States is one of only 3 nations that has not fully adopted the Metric System completely. Although the nation does recognize and will partially use forms of it, especially scientists and engineers.

Within this system of measurement, you’ll find the Unit of Power. It is referred to as the Watt, named after James Watt. He was a well-known scientist who invented the first major steam engine as well as the concept of horsepower. Wattage is key to explaining how powerful a system is.

We should mention that is key to understand the difference between Volts & Watts. Remember, a Volt is a unit of electronic potential. Meanwhile, a Watt is a guaranteed unit of power. This is often why you see Watts used when describing a form of power strength more than volts.

Those who use volts usually utilize it because they want to show off the potential of their battery or machine. Meaning it could last longer than some assume while it also may not. This is likely preferred in the case of a battery because some tech will need more voltage than others. But this same measurement might be seen when discussing generators.



Surge Watts vs Running Watts:

In terms of the WEN 56203i Generator, you’ll see something regarding the wattage power. They claim that the generator has 2,000 Surge Watts while it has 1,700 watts of running wattage. This can also become complicated to understand very quickly if you do not know what those terms mean.

Essentially, “Surge Wattage” is that extra bit of power something utilizes in order to start. Think of it like a lawnmower for a second. As you either use the pull start or key to actually start the lawnmower, you’ll see how the mower starts off at a different sound and even energy while it does this.

It is essentially needing to use more power to start and the remainder is being utilized as you’re running it. This is the same thing you’ll see in the electrical game with wattage. As you start your generator, it needs this bit of surge wattage to do so properly. Meanwhile, the rest of the wattage is known as either running wattage or continuous wattage.

Of course, this is the amount of leftover wattage you’ll have remaining. In the WEN Generator, the Surge Wattage is 2,000 while the Running Wattage is 1,700. This is important to remember, as you’ll need to keep in mind the wattage you have to use and what your tech needs.

Super Quiet Camping Generator:

As weird as it might seem, this is actually a super quiet camping generator that has completely thought about everything when it comes to sound.

With a sound level of just 51 decibels, it is perfect for camping. In fact, the United States Department of Health and Human Services has rated it as relatively quiet when testing it. They claim it is comparable to the sound of a normal conversation.

This means you can take it to a campsite and not even worry about scaring some of the animals away. Sound waves can travel and become quite difficult to deal with. Some generators even sound like a loud lawnmower.

By removing this problem, the sound does not become distracting to the nature around you. Yet WEC thought of this and made sure to correct the problem other generators have. This makes the generator even more attractive to outdoor lovers.


One thing we personally love about the WEN 56203i Generator is that it has some environmentally friendly options to it. We should make sure to note that the generator DOES use gasoline, normal fuel, to fully operate.

This is important to remember as well because, without fuel, none of the wattages will actually matter. Those figures are completely based on what the generator can handle at a given time. Like most generators, it needs fuel to operate. However, how this machine uses its fuel is smart.

This is where environmentally friendly capability comes into play. The machine has an “Eco-Mode” as well as a “Fuel Shutoff.” In Eco-Mode, it will maximize its fuel economy, which allows the motor to automatically adjust its overall fuel consumption.

This is designed to extend the run time as well as engine life on the generator.

Meanwhile, Fuel Shutoff will also maximize the generator’s lifespan. In this, the generator will use up all remaining fuel in the carburetor before it shuts down completely. This basically means that most engines will send around its fuel.

There is often still some leftover that goes unused as a result. This generator utilizes that remaining amount, extending your fuel properly. Plus, due to using it so efficiently, the fuel economy overall will allow you to extend the lifespan expectation. With this generator, the best you can get while using it properly is around 7 hours.

In our opinion, that is some pretty impressive power. Especially when it is all done and burns its fuel as cleanly as possible.

The WEN 56203i Generator

WEN 56203i generator

  • Price: $350-$450
  • Runtime: 7 hours
  • Features: 5 Total Connection Ports, Quiet Run

The WEN 56203i Generator has become a relatively notable generator online as of late. This could be for several reasons. Whether it’s from the recent pandemic across the world or simply due to people preparing for the camping season.

In the end, we feel camping has led to the rise in sales for it. Truly, that is the main thing most of us will utilize this generator for, right? Sure, if the end times come and see some sort of apocalypse on the horizon, we may end up needing it more.

However, since this is likely not going to occur anytime soon, we feel safe saying that it is a proper thing to use while camping. Likely the main reason it is so useful for campers is that you’re mostly going to need this generator for cooking or charging your phone.

Due to the wattage available, you can bring an electric stove eye or even a grill. Since the wattage asked of most of these things is so low, the power of this generator will help you out quite a lot.

On top of this, despite using fuel, it is not going to spew out a terrible odor nor kick you in the face with even one terrible exhaust fume. To us, this is important as we want to continue to see the outdoors remain rather than being over-poisoned by us.

The fact that we can enjoy this generator so much outside is great. The portability is wonderful as it is small enough to fit in most vehicles and made to be ultralight and easy enough for your teenager to carry it. Let’s now dive into the great stuff you’ll get with this WEC Generator.

What To Do With All That Power:

The best part about it is that it offers officially 1,700 watts of power. This is quite useful as it’ll easily charge up your average phone, tablet, or computer. This is even enough to power some televisions too!

The average cell phone, such as any Android or iPhone, will use roughly 2 to 6 watts while it charges. Of course, the batteries for these devices vary wildly. Yet none go over that 6-watt need. Meanwhile, most televisions use up 80 to 400 watts.

We have 1,700 watts and if we just use the high-end number for both, you’ll only be using up 406 watts of this 1,700-watt limit with both. Meaning, you have roughly just under 1,300 watts remaining.

The actual generator supplies this official 1,700-watt power over a 7-hour period via 1 gallon of normal gasoline. Seriously, just one gallon lasts for 7 hours. This means the fuel economy is spectacular while you can pack in several objects in that timeframe.

The Extras & Features:

generator front panel

Upon purchase, you’re also given 2 three-prong 120V receptacles along with one 12V DC receptacle. On top of this, you’re even given two different 5V USB ports. That said, you’ll have plenty of places to plug your stuff in.

​On top of this, WEN also made sure it works with Pure Sine Waves. For those unaware, this is quite helpful and just now beginning to be offered on most generators. This is the type of power wave that is offered through your local power company. That means most electronics are made to work with Pure Sine Waves. Without being able to do so, it cannot accurately power devices.

WEN claims that it works with “minimal harmonic distortion.” The full harmonic distortion of the generator is less than 1.2% off of the actual true sine wave. That means it’s as close to the Pure Sine Wave number as one could be.

If that wasn’t enough, they also have made it possible to parallel connect to other generators. For example, it is possible that 1,700 to 2,000 watts might not be enough for you. If that is the case, this generator can connect to another similar to it to combine as one to give you extra power. This connection kit was just thrown into the price of the item, which is awesome!

Final Words:

It should be noted that the weight of the generator is made to be as light as a generator could possibly be. This comes to roughly 39lbs. However, this is not including how heavy it’ll be with a gallon of fuel poured into the generator.

That means you’re likely looking at a total weight of slightly over 40lbs.

All of this is backed by a tremendous 2-year warranty. Should any issue come up with the generator, you’re able to send it back or call up the company to help you fix it. Either that or they might send a part you might need.

Ultimately, they’ll make sure you’re taken care of should something go wrong in that 2-year period.

WEN 56203i generator
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