Survival Camping: Camping With Only The Basics

survival camping shelter

A lot has been made of a term known as “survival camping.” What exactly is it and is it something you want to try? Survival camping is simply getting a taste of living with only the basics of life and using all available resources away from your home. The idea is that you use mostly …

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How Should Hiking Boots Fit?

man in boots

If you’re reading this article, there is a good chance that you enjoy hiking or you want to get started doing it. It tracks that either way, that you might wonder how hiking boots should fit. A lot of people get the wrong impression on this situation honestly. Seriously, you’d be surprised how many people …

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Can Knives Cut Through Bone?

knife and an antler

Knives can be very important for a lot of different purposes. They are great for food preparation and cutting as well as several different outdoor activities. They’re also great to use as a tool and can cut through a lot of stuff. Yet many will wonder, can knives cut through bone? The short answer to …

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What Knives Do The Military Use?

military equipment

Most of your average types of people have knives we use at home, the kitchen, on camping trips, or heck…even those just for protection. Yet most of us are not part of our nation’s Armed Forces. Since we do want to be prepared, many like to ask the compelling question, what knives do the military …

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Are Sleeping Bags Safe For Toddlers?

child in a tent

Whether you are camping or just hanging around the house, sleeping bags can be quite useful for people to utilize. The real issue comes down to the age you need to be before using one. It’s often asked, therefore, if sleeping bags are safe for toddlers. The short answer to this question is No. They …

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