5 Best Folding Survival Knives

carving a tree limb

When you’re looking for proper folding survival knives, it can be difficult to find one that best fits you. This is why most might try to go with a basic pocket knife, rather than one of the many great folding survival knives available. Most pocket knives will be folding knives too, but the “survival” part …

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10 Mistakes To Avoid When Camping

camping couple looking at clouds

Camping can be a lot of fun for people. However, there are some camping mistakes that we’d recommend that you avoid. Some of them are pretty obvious while others might not be. At the end of the day, you must be sure you avoid them if you are going to have a good time. In …

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VSSL: The Best Customizable Survival Flashlight

VSSL on a backpack

Flashlights can be incredibly important for a load of different reasons. Yet when people bring up a “survival flashlight,” this might be confusing for many. When this is brought up, they are specifically discussing the style of flashlight that tends to be tactical-based. As in, it has multiple uses beyond your basic LED flashlight. These …

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5 Homemade Weapons You Can Make In The Wild

handmade slingshot

When you are trying to survive in the wild, it might seem like nothing will go your way. It makes sense to assume, as surviving does not mean thriving. Yet all of that can turn around when you make things to help you succeed. One of the best things you make is homemade weapons. What …

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5 Ways To Use A Knife For Survival

kinife stuck in a tree

When you are in a survival situation, perhaps the greatest tool you could have at your disposal is a knife. The amount of use you will get out of it could make it worth quintuple its weight in gold plus a billion more. There are seemingly endless ways to use a knife for survival. Your …

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4 Easy Camping Meals – Simple Recipes Prepared Quickly

camping family eating a meal

A lot of people love to go camping throughout the year. Regardless of the temperature, whether it’s rainy or clear, at least someone will be outside in the elements enjoying the outdoors. However, you and your family cannot just starve out there, right? What you need are some easy camping meals for the family that …

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How To Choose The Best Kayaking Cooler

kayaker with cooler

When you’re out and about on the water this Spring. Summer, or Fall…you’ll want to do your best to stay cool. While kayaking, this can be tough to do as you might be doing many different things from it. However, we feel one of the best kayaking coolers will do wonders for you. While you might …

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Camping On A Budget: Best Tips For Camping For Cheap

budget camping

There is a common misconception about camping that I feel dissuades some would-be campers from going – that it’s expensive. Many people think that you have to spend a fortune in order to go. The truth is, as, with anything, you can spend as much as you want. There are, however, ways to go camping …

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