What Are The Benefits Of Trekking Poles?

backpacker with trekking poles

Your knees are valuable, but many hiking trips will have a strong impact over time. Knee problems are a serious problem faced by outdoor enthusiasts. No one wants to be forced to quit participating in one of their favorite outdoor activities. The popularity of trekking poles is growing rapidly. In fact, they are now considered …

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Most Essential Wilderness Survival Gear

man in the wilderness

Whenever you go into the wild, it’s always good to be prepared. You could get lost at any point, causing you to be in a survival situation. Of course, that means you need to have some essential wilderness survival gear to stay alive. However, survival does not necessarily mean you’ll be in a bad way …

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Can You Drink Your Own Urine To Survive?


In spite of what you might see on shows like Man Vs Wild, there is a highly debated topic in the world of survival: Can you drink your own urine to survive? We’ve seen the likes of Bear Grylls do it, but is it actually a good thing to do? First, we should mention that …

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Sharpening An Axe With A File

axe and file

It is likely you’re going to need your axe, especially during the cold weather period. They are essential for several different projects you might be involved in. Of course, none more popular than cutting firewood, right? Yet it might be dull so sharpening is essential. Did you know that many are now sharpening an axe …

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What NOT To Bring Camping

camping equipment

When you go out camping this year or next, one thing is certain. You always need to be sure to take the proper supplies with you but you may not know what not to bring camping. In fact, there’s a massive list of things that people sometimes bring that they should not. Some stuff people …

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How To Make Tent Camping Comfortable

comfortable woman in a tent

When you go camping, what is the one thing that tends to be the biggest problem? It’s the comfort, right? You’re not in your nice, warm bed but rather you’re essentially sleeping on the best surface you can find. Seating is not always great either. Thus, there have to be ways you can make tent …

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5 Ways To Start A Fire Without Matches


When you’re in the wild, it’s clear that you need to do everything you can to stay alive even if you’re just on a routine camping trip. You might not assume you’ll be in a survival situation like this but it’s possible. It is likely that you assume you’ll just pull out a normal lighter …

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Tent Camping With A CPAP Machine

CPAP equipment

A lot of people in this world have a need for a CPAP Machine. Most tend to use it while they sleep, as they have difficulty breathing or getting enough oxygen. This can cause severe issues or simply incredibly loud snoring. Therefore, if you need it, then you must take it with you anywhere you …

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