How To Boil Water While Camping

portable camp stove

Boiled water is an everyday staple that we couldn’t live without – and this doesn’t change when camping. In fact, boiling water can sometimes be even more essential on a camping trip, especially when you don’t have a water purifier on hand. It’s also great to know that you can warm up with a nice …

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5 Best Instant Camping Tents For Easy Setup

instant tent

When you want to go camping but don’t want to have to deal with the complicated setup, instant camping tents are the way to go. They’re obviously much simpler to deal with and you won’t have to worry about any of the stressful thinking about which parts go where. Trust us when we say, this can …

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5 Best Camping Chairs For Bad Backs

man sitting in a camping chair

If you’re like some of us with a bad back, you know how much it can suck to sit in one of those uncomfortable camping chairs. If you’ve ever experienced this horrible problem, we feel your pain…literally. But what are the best camping chairs for a bad back? When you consider the best ones, there will …

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Campfire Cooking Tools You Can’t Live Without

cooking on a campfire

If you’re going camping soon, and you plan to stay overnight…you’ll need a lot of things. You will usually think of things like having food and water, as well as a tent, sleeping bag, pillow…you name it. Yet many seem to forget about campfire cooking tools far too often. What are they? Campfire cooking tools …

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How To Secure A Campsite From Theft


When you go camping, it is quite likely that you’re going to be in the same area as other campers. It’s not uncommon, even in the most rural of places. As a result, knowing how to secure a campsite from theft can help you keep your stuff from being taken. Yet how does one do …

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How Hot Does A Campfire Burn?


When you go camping, a lot of things may cross your mind. In fact, it can be some weird questions about life, why we’re here, and stuff like that. Yet some might just wonder…how hot does a campfire burn? The average temperature just to start a campfire using wood will require heat of least 600 …

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Do Camping Propane Tanks Expire?

camping propane and stove

It is possible that many of you will be going camping in both the Fall & Winter periods. Due to this, you may very well need to heat up your tent or perhaps cook on a grill. Both of which might use small propane tanks. However, do camping propane tanks expire? In a word, yes.  …

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Is It Safe To Drink Rainwater?

drinking rainwater

Sometimes, you’ll do anything to have something to drink. It does not matter if it’s a beer, Pepsi, or purified water. Your body needs something. Yet in times of need, water is essential for our bodies. However, can we get this from nature? Is it safe to drink rainwater, for instance? While it is not …

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